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Monday, December 29, 2008

Thought for the day... An Apple


Just as the apple contains the ability inside of itself to produce more of its kind, humans produce inside of us the ability to be happy and spread the fruits of happiness in others but we first must realize that we posses this ability.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Path is Here...


I am really happy to say that Path to Pick Up is finished! I have worked really hard on this for quite sometime and have been lucky to share it with some of you already.

I want to continue to give away free copies of this over the next 4 weeks so I will be holding some contests for free copies. If you are interested in getting a copy of Path to Pick Up Email me at

Special thanks to the students who helped improve this product to the work that it is today.

Finally, I will be posting some FRs and LRs that I haven't gotten around to typing up based on this "different" style of game that I have been working on.

I want to hear from you guys.. How are you all doing and where are you at?

All the best,

Saturday, December 6, 2008

a night out...


.. Back from a night out

You ALWAYS learn when you go out! Whether you teach or whether you are a student there are always lessons for you to learn and here is a glimpse of the lessons tonight..

-Sometime being social can bite you in the ass when you are trying to isolate a target because everyone wants a bit of your time.

Lesson is… Learn to handle obstacles quickly!

-A woman will forgive you for being a man and being sexual…. There is no forgiveness for not pulling the trigger.


-What separates an AFC from a PUA is method. A PUA has a method to the madness an AFC will simply either not do anything or rely on “luck.”

Lesson…. Plan your logistics!

-Everyone has value…. From the guy asking to shine your shoes to the guy parking your car.. We are all people who dream, hope, aspire and react.

Lesson… Inspire greatness in others.

Finally… Sometimes the right thing to do is not get the girl. A friend who doesn’t know anything about the community got this girl that I was working for a bit. I pumped her BT then got pulled away into another set, I came back and he was making out with her. I stood there for a minute to watch my work vanish in the clash of another’s lips on my target. I knew that could have been me but I was not mad. For that guy who I think is a really good dude btw, it was his highlight of the month a least. I turned around to see PLENTY of girls in the club and knew that it was just a matter of approaching to line up the next. He didn’t have the ability to do that, so for him… This was the big time. I could have walked over and stole her back but why would I do that? I like to think that right now he is somewhere getting his groove on thanks in small part to my game.

Lesson.. In a land full of candy there is no reason to be upset over one misplaced piece.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

field report.. My day 2


I remember when I got into the community I heard someone say that you should trust your instinct. Now looking back over the last year I can understand what they mean.

Recently I had a day 2 with this girl and we decided to meet for coffee at Barnes. I am a big fan of doing something really low key on day 2’s and then venue bouncing to various locations. She was super shy and so anyone who knows me knows that I joke a lot and it really helped her break down some walls. I started my comfort phase and talked about my childhood and talked about the first book that I read. Now normally this is not part of my comfort game to talk about my first book but since we were in Barnes it was logical to. She smiled and thought it was cute and sarcastically said wow, you really miss that book huh, want to go find it? I laughed.. paused for about 2 seconds and said, “hell yah lets go to the kid’s section.”

We made our way there and she found the book. It was cool because I haven’t seen it in YEARS. I looked at the book for a minute with a smile on my face and told her to sit on the floor I am going to read it to you. Her face got red and I sat on a stool and opened the book. As I finished the first page a couple of kids came over and asked if they could listen. I smiled big and said, “sit down next to this pretty girl and listen in.” Her face had the most sincere smile I have ever seen in my life on it.

As I continued reading an old lady came over and asked me if her son could listen as well. I smiled and said sure. The ladies son wondered around a bit and didn’t pay much attention to the story. As the story finished I got up and the lady came over to me and my date. She apologized for her son’s misbehavior. I told her it was not a big deal he is a kid. She said no you don’t understand he has autism and no one ever reads to him so thank you very much you made his day. My dates face dropped and I smiled and said the pleasure was all mine.

I walked off and she stopped me and grabbed my hand. She told me that she was amazed by me and wants to spend a lot more time together…. I think it went good :P

The lesson here is NOT to go lying about your stories in life so you too might get an autistic kid to read to. The lesson is have fun and give value to EVERYONE cause you just might make someone’s day.

Email me at

Friday, November 28, 2008



yes .. I know I know.. it has been awhile but I have been taken some time off to work on other things in my life as well. I always tell people that it is important to have other things going on and man do I ever at this point.

I want to inform all my reader/friends that I am going to take a backseat from teaching for at least a month. I am clearing my schedule and going to use this blog as a back to basics FR, LR and Lifestyle report medium in which we can stay in touch and I can discuss WTF I am thinking. I typically take time off and help "reset" my mind from time to time and it has proved to be very helpful.

As always I will TOTALLY help out by answering questions and I am going to be offering Path to Pick Up as a road map to lifestyle change to everyone via google checkout. So in the next couple of weeks I am going to be really busy on this blog posting away my thoughts not as a teacher but as a student. We NEVER stop being students of the game and believe me I am not even close to a guru so just like you I have much more to learn.

so for now.. Goodbye to teaching.. Hello to back to basics.

Email me your thoughts

Friday, October 31, 2008



I love this time of year...

The debauchery of the weekend continues tonight.. Stay tuned for a full wrap up

Thursday, October 23, 2008

How to write a story


One question that people ask me consistently is how do a write a story that displays value? So today we are going to talk about just that and I will give you a step by step process so you can write your own stories.

How to write a story that displays value.

First off I do not advocate lying in any way shape or form. Each person on this earth has things about their life that other people will find fascinating and the following will teach you how to harness these life experiences into stories that others will find fascinating as well. In your stories you are NOT bragging at all. You are simply telling a story and flipping an attraction switch in the woman so that she will relate to you.

You must take time and develop and test these stories much like a comedian will take their time and work on a joke. These stories are important and will help you generate conversation when you run out of things to say. It is important to keep in mind that the delivery of these stories must be well thought out and planned. If your tonality and delivery is off then your story will lose its value. Finally, always keep in mind that you body language says more then you can say with a million words so keep that in check when you are delivering your stories.

Basic Principals of Your Story.

Flipping the Switch.
The following are well known attraction switches and your story must convey one or more of these principals.

1. Pre-selected by women.

This basically means that you are and have been selected by other women in your past. This is a hybrid of social proof in which it is more directed toward the individual then a peer group.

2. Leader of men.
This displays that we are the alpha male of our group and we have the confidence to lead other men. This is another hybrid of social proof in the sense that you are displaying your leadership qualities.

3. Protector of loved ones.

You must be willing to protect what you love. She needs to understand that you can protect and watch over her. Understand that this does NOT mean you have to display that you can hold your own in a fight. This means that you can be dominate and defuse situations that arise, all the while protecting her.

4. Willing to emote.

You have to be able to display a range of emotions. You want to take her on a rollercoaster ride with bringing her into that range of emotions from happy to crazy to calm to seductive.

5. The willingness to walk away.

In every interaction with a woman there is a point where you have to make it known that as much as you want her you will not beg and you can and will walk at anytime you find the cost is greater then the reward. This concept is vitally important and can give an immense amount of attraction when done correctly.

How To Write Your Story.

The most efficient way to write your story is to answer the following questions.

What are the three most influential people that you know and what do they do?
What places have you traveled to?
How close with your family are you?
What are you passionate about? (art, music, play instruments)
How many languages can you speak?
Have you had a girlfriend in the past?
If you have been in a relationship before what is one cool thing you did together?
Do you have friends who are girls? What are their names?
What do you do for a living? (student, occupation etc)
Do you own your own house, apt or car? (this is not VITAL but helps)
What do you typically do on the weekends?

Now that you have created this list I want you to look it over and see how things can fit into attraction switches based on your life. For instance, let’s say you have traveled to Ireland to go see your favorite band once. Here is a sentence and explanation how it causes the attraction switch to flip.

So my favorite band is Jane’s Addiction and I saw that they had this massive tour in Ireland. So I called my friend Jaime and told him about it and we should go because I thought it would be an amazing adventure to be in a country that we have never visited to see my favorite band….. /end story

Let’s see how we flip the attraction switches with this short story. So you have musical interests that may or may not be like hers but shows that you have an interest in music without a doubt. From there you took an adventure with a friend which shows pre-selection AND leader of men as well as a sense of fun and adventure. All these things were displayed in just a couple of sentences. Obviously your story has the option of continuing as you talk about the experience and how it felt to be there.

Make sure that you PRACTICE your delivery again and again as this step is crucial because 10% of the message is your actually words and 90% is your body language.

Important Thoughts To Keep In Mind

Never Brag. The difference between bragging and talk is all in how you say it. For instance, if you were tell talk about the time you won a trophy in karate this is bragging.

“So I am awesome at karate and I have won a bunch of trophies.”

Here is how you should word it

“So I have always been passionate about karate and have worked hard at it, eventually I got pretty good.”

You are saying the same thing but it is all in how you word it.

Talk At A Rhythmic Pace. Do not talk to fast because the message will not get across and you will sound like you are nervous. On the other hand if you are slower and rhythmic with your pace you will sound in control and confidant.

Questions? Comments?

Monday, October 13, 2008

News and FR...


I get a good amount of email from people asking me to talk about LRs and FRs but as you see I don’t really find a lot of value in posting them. I am going to break down the interactions of a couple of reports lately in hopes that my readers see it as something that is adding value and shows how you can push the limits of an interaction.

First let me tell you some pretty exciting news. I am putting the last touches on the final version of Path to Pick Up! This is a 6 week guide to improving your social life and it is packed with tons of new exercise. I have worked for a long time on this system that I can offer people who want a hands on approach to making fast improvements in their social lives without paying hundreds and thousands of dollars.

In addition to this I have some great new posts from guests that I will feature on my blog and believe me when I say you will NOT want to miss this. I am going to be updating more and more each week as I travel out of the country this week to teach. So STAY tuned!

FR: Chastity Belt Girl
The venue was packed as a special guest DJ was bringing in lots of people and I just got back from Philly 5 hours before we arrived. To say I was tired was an understatement but one of the things that you notice when you go out a lot is that the nights you least want to go out that greatness happens. We arrived VIP with a bunch of friends including Ganglord, ready to have a blast. When we go out its not about sarging, it is about having a fun time, creating a fun environment and drawing positive attention our way. It’s ironic because even though we never make it about “pick up” we all end up "picking up".

After the manager buys us a couple of rounds of shots we decide to head downstairs to the main area. I get close to the stage and this girl is pointing up on the stage right next to me like she wants to get on it. My female friend is on the stage dancing and I look over at the girl trying to get on stage lets call her HBchastity and tell her you need to know the password to get on stage. She smiles at me seductively and asks what the password is. At this point I bring her in close and whisper in her ear,

“if you don’t know the password then you cannot get on it.”

I set the sexual frame and she smiles even bigger and I catch her glance at my lip ring. I tell her that this is the password, and I kiss her. She tells me she likes that password. I dance with HBchastity for a bit escalating my kino as my hand moves up her thigh. She pushes her ass into me as I feel this weird plastic like thing at the end of her skirt. It’s like her skirt is so dam tight that I cannot get my hand in there. I back off a bit and tell her I will be back.

At this point I see another of the hired dancers up in our VIP area so I stroll back to our table and befriend her male friend. I have seen this guy before he is an awesome dancer and pretty cool guy. So I open the set and lock in between him and her as I take a picture with her. Then HBchastity comes up to our table looking for me and interrupts my set. I introduce them all as she pulls me away. We talk for a bit I get her number and the night is winding down. She asks me to walk outside with her and I walk out of the club with her arm and arm. We get outside and her brother comes out to talk to her and speak in some language I have no idea WTF they are saying. Ganglord is with a dancer so I have no wing to deal with this guy and so I interrupt him and say

“hey man awesome time tonight have you been here before?”

He knows his sister is about to fuck me and is trying to pull her away. They are arguing in some language so I walk over to this Spanish girl I see outside and say,

“wow its crazy when people argue over shit in a language you don’t understand.”

She laughs and says

“what are they arguing over?”

With a smirk on my face I whisper in her ear pushing her hair back….


She looks up and smiles and I tell her lets walk across the street and get away from this. I hold out my arm and we walk across the street leaving HBchastity to argue with her brother. HBSpanish and I stop and talk for a bit but we are under a time constraint as I am about to leave and so is she. This guy comes over and starts telling her she has to leave. At this point I am thinking WTF is this with guys pulling these girls. She looks at me and says,

“that is my brother he protects me from guys who try to pick me up in clubs.”

I laughed and asked if he is taking more clients because these girls are crazy here. I talk with her brother showing him I am a cool guy and not some creep and he pretty much hands her to me and says her back in five minutes. Lesson #3,453 BEFRIEND THE GUYS: they hand you their girls, sisters and friends.

I look across the street and see Ganglord in a six set and three DAMN fine girls. I am ready to go over there but first I have to finish business. I end up making out with HBSpanish and getting her number walking her to the car then going to this 6 set. Ganglord is chatting up this beautiful blond girl and he introduces me to her smoking hot blond friend. We hit it off as I tell her about my crazy night of what just when down with the 2 girls and making out with them and how I was disappointed now cause no more fun for me tonight. She mentioned that she didn’t even get kissed tonight so I was ahead of her. We talked for 10 minutes outside as I would drop sexual innuendos that she was trying to get me home with her then drop into comfort, all the while escalating kino. We starting making out on the street. I end the kiss, lick my lips and taste the chapstick of three girls in this strange flavor of wax and berries. The thought brings a smile to my face and as I turn around I see Ganglord kissing his dancer in this passionate embrace I happen to capture on his Iphone…

The night ends as the taste of waxy berry chapstick reminds me that who fucking cares if you are tired, the best things happen when you want to stay home.

Questions? Comments? Want to be on my mailing list?

Monday, September 29, 2008

If there were no community...


A few months ago Captain Jack did a blog post called, “What would you do if the community didn’t exist.”

I wanted to put my own spin on this and get a chance to talk about some things that have really opened my eyes to a new world. First here is an excerpt:

Just for a moment, Imagine….

No community. No help whatsoever aside from Barbara DeAngelis and Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus.

No Gurus, No bootcamps, No seminars, No TV shows, No online forums or DVD’s or CD’s. No RSD, Mystery Method, No Speed Seduction….

All of it….Gone.

Imagine a big dupster in your mind and all that stuff going into the dumpster and then the dumpster fades into nothingness.

What do you do?

You are alone with no help.

You still need to meet a sex partner or a girlfriend or lover. Biological urges are the same. But now its just you and girls.

Take this seriously.

What does your heart tell you to do?

Listening to your heart is the key point of interest in this entire topic.

My heart tells me to take action.

My heart tells me that I am more then my appearance

My heart tell me to take a risk and see what happens

My heart tell me to believe

My heart tells me to go

I believe without a doubt that our hearts in a pure context give us the guttural instinct to do the right things. It is emotions that betray us and cause us to misstep. Our emotions can work as a service or a hindrance; it is up to us to decide when to act upon them. So much of this game involves shutting down your emotions and becoming un-reactive which while in principal is excellent to overcome rejection and learn to not take anything personal, if you continue applying this to life you are like Adam Sandler in the movie Click, just going through the motions without reaction. You will fail to make a true connection with people because they will always sense that something is off.

If there was no community, no bootcamps, no TV shows and all of it was gone what would you do? If there was no community, no bootcamps, no TV shows and all of it was gone what would you do? Answer me below in the comments, maybe something you say will help another person out...

Check out the Post Here:

“What would you do if the community didn’t exist.”

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

FEEDBACK: You're turn to sound-off


I have some awesome readers!!!!!

The emails that I get from my readers are utterly amazing. People asking questions and telling stories that have really changed my out look on so many things. I want to share with you some of the feedback I have gotten from Path to Pick Up …. BUT…

First let me say that I want to hear from you guys more! I want to talk to all the people who read this blog because it is not about me trying to get praise by writing things here.. I write in this blog so that I can help give back to you guys.. so EMAIL ME your questions and comments!!

Now on to Path to Pick Up..

Here is just ONE of the many reviews that are pouring in:

Thanks for everything- really. This program has seriously changed my game and guided me on a personal development journey far beyond just seduction. As of now, I'm not where I eventually hope to be regarding pick up- but it takes time and effort. But, along with this I've been reading and focusing a lot as I said on personal development: and this program has been instrumental in helping me out with that. –Daniel

Path to Pick Up has done more then even I could have expected for people. I am currently in the process of editing some of the course and ADDING MORE to the 6 week program. I am giving the entire thing a new face lift and making it more stream line thanks to the feedback from the 7 great students who have helped me out.

Don’t worry… YOU TOO will be able to experience Path to Pick Up in the near future.. but more on that later.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Impossible is nothing..


First off I want to thank EVERYONE who took part in the FIRST edition of PATH TO PICKUP! I am going to share with you some of the stories that have changed people's game forever and I am truly blessed to be able to have a part in it. Path to Pick up is not gone but is going through its next phase as I re-edit the program with feedback from the students.

I also want to share with you that I am going to have a new website coming online soon with tons of free stuff for you guys.

Also on the horizon we are going to shake up the community in a good way by releasing some things that I have worked for a long time on...

I want to get out there and meet my readers!! I want to go to your home towns and meet the liar, puas and people that make up the community. So E-MAIL ME NOW!!

Now lets talk about the impossible..

I propose that impossible is simply a state of mind.

Many people would think that they cannot get away with saying things to girls that are so upfront and in your face. Here are some clips from some interactions, then tell me impossible is nothing..

Mayson: Because right now you are trying not to kiss me even you know you want to.
HBrandomblond: You’re a pimp.
Mayson: What?? You’re a pimp?
HBrandomblond: No.. YOU’RE a pimp
Mayson: Euro pimp? Cool!

Mayson: (on the dance floor opens a 4 set by dancing like a nut, girls giggle)
HBgirl1: hahaha my friend loves your style and wants to meet you
Mayson: I left my ticket counter at home but she can ride for a small price.

Mayson: Did you know that drinking pineapple juice changes the taste of cum
Girls: yah it works
Mayson: (the waitress comes over) Do you have any pineapple juice here?

Mayson: (licking a straw) You wish that was you…
HBSinger: Call me later tonight.

Mayson: Do you speak text?
HBonline: Yes and I do it quite often
Mayson: Wow, slow down I said TEXT not SEX

[01:27] HB: that and sexual innuendos are funny
[01:28] HB: there is never a bad time for them
[01:28] Mayson: I agree it is hard to make most people come to the understanding that sexual innuendo is an art form. I have been well endowed with a large amount of skill in this area as well. Oral skills are over looked as many people will struggle grasping the linguistic skills that roll off my tongue. I am sure you understand this concept because you have taken your lickings in life and have learned from them. Through intimate study one will find that penetrating deep understanding of oral talents can produce a very climatic finish!
[01:29] HB: oh
[01:29] HB: my
[01:29] HB: god
[01:29] HB: i
[01:29] HB: love
[01:29] HB: you!

Impossible is nothing.. Push the limits and the limits will change.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vegas Report: Gaming the Gamer...


Vegas was filled with lessons, some of them humbling and some of them life changing but when it came time to showcase my game to the dancers in Vegas I was pumped and ready to roll. Granted I have never spent any time doing strip club game so all this theory was in my head understanding how to game the gamers but I knew that I was in for a night that I would not soon forget.

From the night we arrived we were taken to a small strip club and Jamieson and I were on from the minute we entered the club. I had a beer and we began getting the girls to approach one by one and each time they would ask me for a dance I would tell them I am tired and really not thinking about that, I was simply there to grab a drink cause it was close to home. Most of the girls would plow and ask me if they could get me wide awake. I would tell them that they would have to be way over the top to do that. Challenging them to showcase what they had. This worked for initial interest but I soon found that I would have to transition rather quickly.

Through these micro interactions I quickly learned in the space of an hour how to de-program the dancer and get REAL conversations. Finally I was able to use solid game on this girl and her friend. She was a solid 9 and a bitch and a half… JUST the way I like it. She asked me if I wanted a dancer and I began like I have done earlier that night talking about my flight and how I was tired. She told me that I was no fun and I am in Vegas so I should party. At this point I thought…
”well, if she can dish it she better be able to take it.”
I looked at her bewildered and said..
“Wow, you kinda suck at your job huh.”
At this point I began to get hot with embarrassment worried that I pushed it too far but I knew that this was the right thing to do. She leaned back, examined me, smiled and said
“This is my first night.”
She told me how her friend who was dancing on another friend of mine told her she can make great money. I dropped into qualification and she complied… hard.

At this point I got real IOIs, she was not interested in me as a customer but her interest was something deeper and I could see it as she warmed up to me giving me the doggy dinner bowl eyes. I launched into some serious comfort but lacked something that would end up blowing me out with the hottest girl in Vegas later that week. Forty minutes later the girl was still there sharing her life with me showing me her cell phone and telling me how the world is an evil place. I stood my ground and talked about my heroes and how there is good in the world as she proceeded to grind me. She told me that we should all meet up after word and told us the place they are going to about 60 times in rapid succession. We left the place around 7am and I felt like my first experience in strip club game was a success but nothing could have prepared me for what happened next.

The next night we wanted to spend more time in a strip club so I asked what is the most famous place with the HIGHEST quality girls. We got our answer and drove there that night. The place holds 1500 people and there were well over 200 HOT dancers. I was going to need every ounce of skill I had to pull in this place. Walking in was like nothing I expected, girls and guys everywhere and no place to sit. My friend greased the bouncer and he cleared a table for us right away by kicking out these three guys who were sitting there. We ordered a round of drinks and like moths to flame the girls started to come over, it was like they could smell the money and who can blame them, they were there to get paid and on a night like this they would make a TON!

A couple of girls sat on my lap and I would get into conversation easy as this new de-programming tool I created last night was working VERY well. I really wasn’t into any of them and so at this point Jamieson informed us that he was going to find the hottest girl in this place and bring her and her friend over here. Thirty minutes later he delivered. He brought over a smoking hot blond for him and the HOTTEST girl in the entire place for me.

The interaction with HB10 began with her asking me if I wanted a dance. I told her no but I charge 20 bucks and I will dance for her. She gave a sincere laugh and smile and I launched right into my de-programming. There is a hooking point with each of these girls that you can see they kinda just shut off the game and get wrapped up in who you are. Once you get there you know you can get honest qualification. Jamieson said something VERY profound:

“Strippers start in rapport.”

Knowing this it is YOUR job to stop her from rapport and go back into attraction. This was displayed as I was cocky and funny to HB10 and really showed a non-neediness. These things caused an interest to form in her and I ran it as a regular set after she was out of working mode. There is a real shift from her seeing you as a customer to her seeing you as a potential match and this is the most important thing that you can do to get this type of girl.

She sat on my lap giving me free dances for over two hours. She didn’t leave my side except to go to the bathroom and she walked right back to me. I would look over at Jamieson and he would with a stern face nod which seemed to say you are in. At this point in the interaction she pulled out her phone and started texting her friend who was working to meet me. I told her that she had to give me a cute text too, it was only fair. She put in my number and texted me just as I asked, I had just number closed the hottest girls in the place.

It was getting late and she asked me if she could go make some money. I told her she better because we are going to breakfast later. She smiled embraced me and went off to dance for other guys. I would peer over and watch her work these guys and think to myself wow, they think she is into them but as she would dance for them she would look back at me and bite her lip and smile.

At the end of the night we left the club and my friend told me to call her right now. I was beyond tired and thought that if I waited for a bit she would be off work. Words cannot describe how frustrated I still am that I didn’t go get a red bull and call her THAT second. I let buying temperature fall and she wanted to get laid that night, I set up game that was deep comfort without the proper seduction and that is the formula for a relationship. One error at the end of the night cost me the hottest girl I saw in Vegas. I texted her when I got up but never got a reply. I was sure that what I did or in this case didn’t do cost me that interaction but I looked at her number and decided to keep it in my phone. I kept that number because each time I see it I am reminded to escalate the interaction no matter how tired you are. I kept that number because it reminds me that attraction has so little to do with appearance and so much to do with personality.

A long time ago I heard a phrase that came back to haunt me. “The chances you miss most in life are the chances you never take.” I will chalk this one up to experience and a lesson that I will never forget.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Before Vegas I thought I had my game together. I thought my life was going pretty well and I was secure in my abilities to deal with people socially. I had an idea of where I was going and how to get there. The weeks leading up to Vegas changed me as a person and through the next couple of weeks I am going to attempt to explain how.

Part 1: Becoming a man….

What does it mean to be a man?

This is a question that I have pondered to three weeks now and I am STILL not sure if I can fully define it. I think that the definition is subject to change much like one would define love. For me being a man is stepping up to the plate when you want to just be complacent. It means being independent and a provider for not only yourself but for other people. In essence being a man is being someone who brings out value in others.

When we learn pick up we are learning how to be men. We are learning not just how to get the girls we want we are learning how to becoming the men who these high quality women are attracted to. Since value is a magnet that drags around our perception we must as men have the type of value that we give freely to others. An example of this would be if you saw someone on the street who asked for a penny. Chances are you would give them a penny without thinking because a penny to the average American is a disposable thing. We have pennies in abundance and thus give them freely.

In Vegas I was able to give value to targets as easily as I give pennies to someone. For most of my life I was the person who took value from others. I got involved in Pick up to take validation from girls. I figured that the more girls I slept with the more my self esteem would grow. The girls came and went and so did the self esteem. It was not until I learned the greatest paradox in human history that I actually gained tangible self esteem. That paradox is, the more that you give without expectation the more you receive.

While I was in Vegas I opened a set one night while we were at a local bar. There were plenty of girls in the set to go around but I made sure to talk to each of the girls and get to know them. I came to one girl who physically was not attractive at all to me. I spent time with her and raised her state, I got her off the seat and dancing and ended up having a great time. I found value in someone who I normally would have dismissed. As the night drew to a close I saw her sitting down once again, I went over to her and asked her if she was tired already. She said I am tired a lot. She then told me that she has cancer and has been in chemotherapy. Then she told me that tonight she has had so much fun and it was thanks to me.

The paradox of human history hit me in full force. I gave this girl value when other people would have passed her up and because I did find value in her I received the best gift I have ever gotten.

Next part will be the lesson of the stripper… Stay tuned :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008



VEGAS BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!! What a time and I cannot put into words what the experience was like. It is so good to step out of your reality and look at people and places that you have never seen before. Big props to Race and Kelly from the Art of Charm who are some of the most down to earth truly gifted friends that I have been able to meet. I am a better person for having known you guys.

I will be posting a TON more on this blog soon starting next week so stay tuned!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Update.. about time


Hi everyone..

I have been SUPER busy working with the guys who e-mailed me about Path to Pick Up. The results already have been stunning and I really think that this is something that will continue to change people's game.

In addition to all this I am going out to Vegas to teach Aug 8th-11th. I will be talking more in this in the next couple of days but all I can say is LOOK OUT VEGAS!

Finally I have been getting a lot of e-mails from people with questions relating to all things pick up.. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE to help so I want to take this s step further and give you guys more incentive to e-mail me!

I want to create a mailing list so I can stay in touch with you all and give you guys access to upcoming events and direct access to me when you need help. So toss me an email with your email address and tell me you want to be on the mailing list. I will not spam you or anything like that, I simply want to give you guys a way to get advice and help anytime you need it.



Talk to you all soon!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Myths of Pick Up: This is easy...


Let me assure you that nothing in this game is easy. People are always searching for the magic pill that will allow them instant results with women. Our society today is based on fast results and instant gratification but the harsh reality is that lasting change takes time and work. I cannot sell you instant change or promise you that this journey is easy. All I can tell you is that the reward is worth the struggle.

I have taught many people pick up and some have stuck with it and changed their lives forever and sadly others have realized that this game is hard and backed out only to slip back into old patterns. As an instructor I really do care about each and every student I speak to. I came from a guy who was over weight, depressed and suicidal to building a life of beautiful people around me constantly. When I have a bad day now, I have a phone full of people who would drop anything to see me. My world is based on excess and I have found a new life from the ashes of my old self.

Did any of this come easy? No.

From my posts maybe I led you to believe this was easy when it wasn’t. Maybe I made you think my success started with my first approach and not with the countless failures. Maybe I made you think that every set I opened was a success, that my game was built on principal rather then passion. Maybe you didn’t see that failure gave me strength, that my pain was my motivation. Maybe I led you to believe that pick up was a god given talent and not something I worked for EVERYDAY of my life. Maybe I made this look easy…. Or maybe.. You’re just making excuses.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

If a seed could talk...


All around us there are marvels that take place that we may never see but they are the natural balance of this beautiful world. Let’s take for instance the life of a seed. Something so small and seemingly insignificant that many would take it for granted can produce an amazing result with enough time. The way seeds reproduce is unlike humans or animal, see the seed reproduces by dying.

If a seed could talk I think that it would have more wisdom to say in two sentences then most of the things humans have said in two centuries. The seed would tell us a lesson that transcends all human logic because the seed would say that to truly live your best life and become the best you….. you… have to die.

You have to die to your old habits and lifestyle and shed the things in this life that have kept you complacent and locked in fear. In life, like in pick up people want results as quick as possible but they sit and play video games for 12 hours, eat like shit and want attract models. Nothing about pick up is easy but nothing is more rewarding then being able to attract the people that you want in your life and doing what other people only talk about doing, changing your life.

The seed would tell us that you have to lay down what you are now and trust that with time, effort and pressure you will crack…. And it is in that cracking of your old shell that the beautiful inside is exposed to finally grow into the best you that was there all along. I can only imagine that the first seed was afraid to die on a theory that with time it would become something bigger then the contents of its shell.

We are all confined to the shell that we place on ourselves through accepting society’s norms and limiting our belief patterns. We are constantly living inside of the shells that we have created through our experiences and internal dialogue that we accept. The seed would argue that the shell is not the life that we create because if we just cast off our shells and die to these old ways we will grow to something that is 100 times bigger then what we can imagine. Tyler often says “what would you do and who would you be if fear didn’t exist.” The seed would argue that fear is part of our shell and if we just commit to letting it go, knowing that deep inside of us we possess something more we will do just fine.

It startles me how a seed can teach us so much about inner game.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Last Chance... and news!


There is a lot going on that I will be talking about soon but first thing is first... the Path to Pick Up!!

As you guys have read I have developed this 6 week super charged system to get your game on the right track much like I did when I started this entire transformation. I have gotten tons of responses from people who have shared with me their struggles in game and how they have tried and tired but cannot seem to make any progress. I too remember what it like before the community and the frustration that it brings and I want to give back to the people who really want this and for this reason the Path to Pick Up was created.

Here is the is just an example of what the Path to Pick Up is..

The way we break down each week is by three major categories: Inner Game, Outer Game and Lifestyle. These three foundations supply you with the most crucial elements you will need to master in order to possess the tools to pick up high quality women. Each week you are given assignments that will push your three elements of game more and more. Follow each assignment as listed through the week before continuing on to the next assignment. If you fail an assignment simple start it over.

This is your last chance to get this system for FREE no cost whatsoever attached. I have developed this system based on my personal results in field and countless hours of helping students with their game and now you have the opportunity to have the Path to Pick Up for free.

Email me NOW and tell me you want the Path to Pick Up.

Next week I am going to start a series of interviews and guest posts from people who have changed my game. These are guys who have helped me on numerious occasions and I am sure will super charge your game! It is part of an interview series I call “Giving Value Back.” So check back for that starting next week

Finally, I wanted to tell you all that I have been working on developing new material that I want to share with you all VERY soon. Some of this stuff I have not seen in the community and it has broken new ground for me in my own game as of late.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fundamentals... and major announcement


As many of you know I like to go back to fundamentals from time to time because I truly believe that if you have a strong foundation in game then the other smaller things tend to work themselves out. Let me break down what I consider to be fundamental game.

1) The ability to open and hook a set:

The first building block of game is the ability to successfully open and hook a set. You should be able to approach any set within reason and deliver a successful opener which causes the set to hook. This means that you are not constantly self doubting as to if it will work if she will like you etc.

2) The ability to illicit attraction without the neg:

There comes a point in game where you really don’t need neg’s anymore. When most people start they tend to over use neg theory as a defense against rejection as you progress in game and being to get good you stop using negs and as you become quite good you realize there is no such thing as rejection and you begin to give value rather then take it.

3) The ability to frame and reframe:

You start to understand how a frame works and how to reframe statements to figure out how to pump her buying temperature. The beginning stages of this are a fundamental of pick up and continues on later as you learn more.

There are more fundamentals that I believe are quite basic things like having a 20 minute repeatable stack that you can use from open to number close every time are really important for a foundation.

The reason I am brining this up is because I have completed a guide I call “The Path to Pick-Up.” It is a break down of three major categories of game:

Lifestyle, Inner Game and Outer Game.

It is a 6 week challenge for people who seriously want to improve their game and get this part of their lives under control. I am not selling this project or even giving it away right now what I want to do is slowly post sections of it for your feedback. I want YOU to have the ability to shape this project into something that will change your relationships with women forever!

Again this is NOT for sale.. I am going to give out my e-mail address and if you are interested in learning more about the “Path to Pick Up Challenge” shoot me an e-mail. I will hand pick people to go through this challenge and give some personal advice to.

If you are serious about getting good at this here is your opportunity.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008



I think one of the wisest things I have heard in the pick up community was from Jeffy when he said, “Are you a value giver or a value taker?” That phrase changed my game from being the cocky guy who lowers the value of women to being the guy who makes girls feel wonderful about themselves.

Value is a magnet that drags around our perceptions. If we perceive that our value is less then the hottest girl in a venue then our bodies react to that information. The way to fix these micro level issues is to understand what TRUE value represents. Society tells us that beauty is a direct correlation to value but we know that these things are not true. There are plenty of beautiful women who become addicted to drugs and waste their lives only to die alone and depressed. The other major factor is that beauty is really a common trait when you think about it. Go out to a local club and notice how many beautiful women you will see on a given weekend.

True value has nothing to do with looks or money it has to do with personality. When I approach a girl before I utter a word I really don’t know what her personality is going to be like. Is she going to be fun and playful or shut down and rude. Sure body language will give me an indicator but I don’t know so many things in the approach so who’s to say her value is higher then mine. The fact remains that perception is deception in pick up. What you perceive you create in reality and that is why it is so important to be your best self. Once you get a grasp on the concept that value is a tool in which you can screen potential mates then you will no longer fear beauty but react to it based on other factors.

Finally it is important to understand that men value the physical and women value the emotional. As men we own more gadgets and physical items in which we view as status and value then women. Our emotional connection to our 54’plasma TV is irrelevant because own the item and we feel as though the more items we acquire the more value we have. Women see value in the long term as opposed to the short term. A woman needs an emotional connection over a physical connection, though both are very important. To put it another way, men are turned on like a light switch and women are turned on like a volume knob. Understanding how value works between the sexes can help shape your game into that of being a value giver and making women feel as though they want you in their lives as opposed to the arrogant value taker which is the typical role for any man.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lots of fish in the sea....


One of the easiest ways to improve your game is to create a mentality in which your failures become successes. This sounds very magical to most people and impossible to change but life is a frame in which you view your reality. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. I want to introduce you to one of the most important concepts that can change your failures into successes with each approach, what is this thing? We call it the abundance mentality.

The abundance mentality is a frame of mine in which you understand that there are many options in this world when it comes to women and just because you failed once it does not dictate that you will fail forever.

People with an abundance mentality believe the following:

  • "The more I open, the more there is to close."
  • "The more I give value, the more value there is to give."
  • "The more I learn, the more there is to learn."
  • "People are great. They will help me reach my goals."

Abundance starts in your mind. The more you think abundantly, the more abundance you can enjoy. The more abundance you enjoy, the more success you will enjoy. The fact of the matter is that there are 6.6 billion people in this world 3.34 billion are female. To quote a famous movie,

You are not special. Your are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else.

The best way to accomplish this is to eliminate 100% of all DOUBT of your success. Expect Abundance. What you create you will have plain and simple.

Finally, work at this. This is something that has changed my game and has produced a tremendous amount of results. For the people who think that this all came easy to me let me tell you that I have failed over and over and over again in my life…. And that is why I succeed

I want to hear from you.. EMAIL ME MAYSONPUA@GMAIL.COM

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Guide to Fashion...


You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

How we perceive a person is judged in a split second and this is why you will never get a second chance to make a first impression. Look at the following picture and what is your first impression.

Look at the next picture and what is your impression?

Women size you up in seconds and once you know this and understand it you should allow this to be an advantage rather then disadvantage. Fashion can be used to DHV you and add to your value constantly without you saying a thing. Without verbalizing anything you state that you are cultured, have social value and have physical attractiveness.

People ask all the time what is the quickest way to change your outer game. My answer is found here in fashion. There are steps that you can do right now to get instant results that will help your game but like all things, it takes knowledge and then action. That being said please note that being the most fashionable man in the world will not replace your lack of inner game. Becoming fashionable will increase your confidence, and positively influence your inner game.

First lets go over some sexy sterotypes:

-Rock Star
-Wall-Street Guy in a suit
-Latin Lover/Club Player
-Dreadlock Guy
-Guy in Eyeliner
-Goth Guy
-Mafia Guy

Personally I embrace a metro-rocker look that works well for my personality as well as my job. This look has taken me 9 months to fully get and there are times where I still add and take things away so understand that creating this “avatar” is a process just like pick up is a process that you learn over time.

6 Steps to Sexy Stereotyping

1. “What other people think of you is none of your business”

Understand that it is 100% irrelevant what other people think of you. You have to be willing to embrace the change no matter what your friends and family will say, after all you are here to better yourself and your success with women. Any change is hard at first but as people get accustom to it they too will see it’s benefits.

This point is best illustrated in the following story. I went shopping with my friend and he saw my shoes and wanted something similar. He just started getting involved in pick up and thought it would be a good investment. That night he went out with a bunch of friends to a movie and all the guys started ripping on him about how gay he looked. As they were doing this one of the guys girlfriends entered the movie theater and looked at the shoes and said, “Oh my God are those cowboy boots? I love them I am so much more attracted to you now.” All the guys stood there wide eyed and mouths open. By the end of the night they were all like hey man where did you get those.

2. Take an active interest in fashion

Knowledge is power plain and simple. The more you know about a topic the more you are going to be able to use that knowledge to tweak your own style.

3. Find a master model with your body type

If you are a big guy then find bigger guys who dress good. Same with tall, short or any other body type. Save pictures of these people!

4. Model your style after that person

Find a celebraty or someone famous who you want to model your style after and get a ton of pics of them so that you can reference these at any time. Here are some that I suggest:

These are a few.. Find one you like and google it for pictures.

5. Test it out

Go to the mall and don’t worry about game. If you have some friends who are girls bring them with you and ask their advice. Girls can help you with matching and what will look good on you so use their advice. Try stuff on and DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TRY NEW THINGS. Some of the best outfits that I own I got because I tried something that I thought looked stupid on.

6. Expand and refine it

You should be trying to convey the following when you wear an outfit:

Educated in cutting edge fashion
Well/interestingly groomed
Current and up to date
Understands Subtle Communication
Dominant, Attractive, Elite, Access to Resources

To do this you must expand and refine constantly so that you are getting the most bang for you buck. This should look effortless! PLEASE NOTE: (No woman ever wants to know how long it took you to get ready. Women want men, not boys that take longer to get ready than they do. Take any compliments about your outfit in stride; never let a woman know how hard you have worked on getting your look together. You always want to appear SMOOTH and EFFORTLESS.)


“Clothing is the outward expression of the inner person. It’s important to dress in a way that sends the right message but also looks effortless and natural. Wearing clothing that is inappropriate to your inner character is the biggest mistake a man can make in terms of fashion.” -Giorgio Armani

The #1 rule of looking good is GET CLOTHES THAT FIT CORRECTLY! I am willing to be that most people have no idea how clothes are supposed to fit! I can explain in in 6 pages of text or you can see for yourself so stop right now and watch this slide show and see how just getting clothes that fit make a drastic change.

Now that you can see the example of how things SHOULD fit here are a couple of key concepts to fit.

Shirts and Blazers. The fit along your shoulders is most important. Generally speaking, the shoulder seam should be right at the point where your shoulder crests, or begins to fall sharply. As a general rule, most men wear shirts and jackets which are too big. When in doubt, go with the smaller size! The following is an example of a proper fitting shirt and pants combo!

Something that doesn’t fit….

And now….. Something that fits correctly on the same person.

Big difference!

A good blazer is something that is an investment but work the price! If you are a bigger guy go with pin stripes and a dark color, I recommend black or dark navy blue.

Jeans and Pants. Most people tend to buy too large. Buy your true waist size and inseam. Go to a tailor and get measured if you do not know what it is. I typically buy straight leg jeans because they will give you a much longer look in your legs. You want the jeans to fit snug because they will give a bit, just not so tight that we see the frank and beans.

Color primer
One rule that is essential is to figure out your base color. This means the color that works best for you. There are certain colors that everyone can wear: black, white and grey. Generally, you want to bring out the color of your eyes by matching a shirt with your eye color. I have a bright blue shirt that is flashy because my eyes are bright blue, you will be astounded how much it brings out your eye color. If you have brown eyes, brown, or tan will work well for you.

Shoes: Shoes get more attention the you guys can imagine. Shoes can make or break and outfit and it is one of the FIRST investments that anyone should make when it comes to changing your style. Personally, I am a big fan of Steve Madden, Mark Nasson and Aldo. I also really like boots as opposed to loafers most of the time and here are a couple of examples.

Here is another example of my white loafers and on the left are a nice pair of shoes from Aldo, can you tell who doesn’t know how to shop for shoes in this picture?

Rules to live by in fashion:

Always match your belt with your shoes. This is a good rule to follow and it keeps things simple. It's best to stay with traditional colors such a black, dark brown or a rich tan. I often wear a white belt as well with some bad ass Steve Madden white loafers and a white tie.

Socks. Wear dark socks period. So many people wear white socks and it is so over done. I wear black socks 99% of the time.

Finally, TRY NEW THINGS! You never know what you are going to look like until you try it out and see how it looks. When I go to a club I want to look different then other people but not stupid. You want to stand out but not in a bad way. Everyone wears pin stripe collared button downs. There are many people who go to clubs looking like this:

Now with a little effort and knowledge that same person can look like this:

The reaction I get is always positive from girls and it gives me an opportunity to stand out in more then one way. The key here is not to look like a clown but someone who looks like they are well dressed and it is congruent with who you are. Wearing a fuzzy top hat will not get you laid and chances are you will just look like a moron. My rule when I go out is to wear something around my neck a girl can play with, wear wrist accessories and stand out in a good way. I also tend to wear my aviators in the club a lot because I always get sarcastic comments about how it is not sunny in here etc. I want people to say something to me positive or negative because from there I turn the conversation on. I remember one time where this girl who had some chode following her around saw my tie at the club and came up to me and said wow that is really lame as she grabbed for it. I told her if I cared what she thought I would be that guy who was following her around. The point is, be uniquely you!

If you guys have any questions let me know I am more then happy to help you all out!




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