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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

LR Geeky Glasses


Learning this game is about doing things that take you out of your comfort zone and for me that requires approaches that are somewhat unorthodox. I got lumped in a friend zone about 9 months ago before I knew what the game was so I wanted to see what I can do about getting myself outta that zone.

I picked up my HB Geeky Glasses and we decided to go for a ride. 5 hours later after I ran my entire routine from opener through grounding sequence we planned a day two. Day 2 consisted of seduction and closed after a freeze out thanks to madden 06. I asked her what she wanted as I was playing the video game and she said for me to stop playing it. I made her wait as I scored twice more making sure to stop the game on MY terms. I paused it and literally with out one word took her hand and led her to my bed.

Took me right around 5 hours of total time. (Yes I got buyers remorse, more on this later.) I learned a lot about the process and believe me when I said I was SCARED cause it has been awhile. I learned that it is VERY important to get off text as quick as possible once you are in comfort. I had the compliance and comfort to have sex but after that it got tricky.

I wear a shirt that says pick up artist on it and it has a picture of a pick up truck that was drawn on. Keep that in mind or the quotes of the night won’t make since.

Quote of the night was after it was all over.

HB: Wow this happened so fast omg what just happened.

HB: You totally are a pick up artist.

I also opened a 5 set that night with 2 HB 9's I almost vomited I had so much AA but I am progressing. In addition to this, I am still teaching Weez, Scratch and New York the game. They are all progressing so well and it never ceases to amazing me how teaching helps me learn more about the game. Finally, the social circle has expanded yet again after meeting great people like Doc Holliday, HOLLYWOOD and so many more PUA’s in this great area!

I owe a lot to the teachings and philosophy of people like El Topo, Sinn, Tyler Durdan and the list goes for MILES!!!

This game is not about deception it is about perception!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Damn it HOOKER


Last night I watched a movie with a girl who I use as a pivot. While we were conversing she admitted that she had a little crush on some dude. I inquired about it and she asked if we wanted to come over tomorrow night and do another movie night. She said that she might invite this dude too. I told her it would be wrong of us to come over and use that time to get to know him better get some action girl.

She explained something to me that I find as a revelation.

HB's Quote:

Just because I like him doesn’t mean I want to have sex with him. I can like lots of people but it doesn’t mean I want to fuck them or go out with them.

For me that is soooooo different. Fuck, for guys that is so different. If we like a girl YES WE WANT TO FUCK THEM. Its natural for us to want to have sex if we have a crush on a girl that goes hand and hand for us. Still I find it to be very interesting. So sex appeal and feelings might not be hand and hand for a girl.

Girls are more sexual them most guys thing once they are in the right emotional state as well. A perfect example of this is the recent text encounter I had with this HB while I hate pizza with my wing.

This girl I knew was sick so I text her: (warning this is an extreme example)

ME: Pirates or Ninjas

HB: Ninjas

ME: Good get your ninja mask and grappling hook and meet me at my house, we have a job to do.

HB: I am sick so I won’t be a good ninja

ME: Lucky for you my kisses cure sickness, ninja’s are powerful like that.

HB: If you make out with me you will get sick

ME: Woah missy who said anything about making out with you, I don’t give this shit away for free you know.

HB: lol

ME: nothing funny here HOOKER, give me 3 reasons why you want this kiss

HB: I love you, you love me, I am good

ME: not good enough reasons and lying doesn’t help you

HB: I am good you just don’t know that

ME: Listen HOOKER stop thinking about my cock and start focusing on our mission

HB: Wow you are forward huh, I have never seen this side of you

ME: DAMN IT HOOKER tell me you want this NOW!

HB: Come over right now I want to fuck your brains out!!

This text conversation was framed right, I left some of it out for good reasons :P

Thursday, December 13, 2007



One of the realizations about the game that has hit me so hard in the past week is the all around freedom you feel in your life. When I was an AFC, I would focus on one girl who would give me the attention I wanted. I would fixate on what nice things I could do to make her like me. Now that I am in the community and learning pick up I am still having the feelings associated with a crush but I have it on many of the girls I game. I know how these feelings work and now I control them. I do not fixate my hopes, dreams and aspiration on one girl because I am worth more then that.

I got my first full close the other night and now the girl is flaking a bit saying,

“This happened so quickly, what did I do.” (sounds like buyers remorse to me lol)

When I was an AFC I would let this kill my self esteem. Honestly, I am smiling and happy this is happening right now. I was thinking that I was going to have to explain AGAIN that I did not want a relationship right now etc but she is quoting what I would have said to her.

The pick-up arts are not about racking up lays to me. I enjoy the process SOOOOO much that it has become my new crush. Being shut down is a thrill because through it I learn calibration on a level that is MUCH faster then when I spout the same old stuff and get the same successful results. I fear the approach just like anyone else but it is my ability to react that makes me successful in the pick up.

I started in this community hoping to enrich my life with new beautiful women. Now only 2 months into my transformation I find the game taking over my life. I spend more time playing this game then I ever thought. I write my own routines, go out 4 times a week, teach others, help them write material, fail, succeed, re-calibrate, read, listen, watch and live it.

Gone are the days of being that needy guy who pushed a relationship on that ONE girl who I thought would change me for the better. Now I am changing me for the better, I am the catalyst mixing the right amount of ingredients to become that person I always had inside of me.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Who am I? My journey to becoming a pick up artist


I grew up as a kid who was overweight my entire life. My mom raised me and we did not have much money so I took solace in food to comfort me. I was popular in school because of my friends and personality but I never had a girlfriend. As time went on, I gained more weight and spiraled into a deep depression. It seemed as though everywhere I turned my friends where the ones getting the girls and I was the fat kid who watched it all on the sidelines.

From as far back as I can remember I was always second place in this race. I remember my first dance at a summer campground, my friend and I were about eight at the time and we both liked this girl. He kissed her at the end of the night and I walked home alone feeling a sinking feeling in my gut. His mothers asked me what is wrong, I told her I wanted to kiss the girl and she replied with a caustic,

“Let him have his chance you will get it one day.”

That one day never came. This was the story of my life until I discovered the community but more about that later.

During my AFC days I met this girl (who became my girlfriend and still do not know how maybe it was pity) and we bonded. I thought she was the one who I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I waited to have sex with her because I wanted to respect her; she did not reciprocate that respect and slept with her friend telling me about it over the phone one night. I would have chopped off my arm for her if she asked me too and this relationship took a toll on my self-image. Anger turned to sadness, which turned to depression, and for 4 years, I barely acknowledged I existed.

I decided to pursue my Psychology degree and began taking classes on relationships. It was in those bleak and desperate times that I found the community. At first I paid very little attention to it and thought that it had to be a bunch of crap. Months would fly by and I would still remember seeing the book that would change my life, “The Game.” Finally, I decided to do something about it and really commit to seeing what this was all about. I read so much in the first couple of months that my eyes burned. Magic Bullets, the attraction forums, VA handbook and the list goes on. I got to the point that I would take the audio books and play them on my Ipod so I could squeeze in more time to learn. I started going to the gym, dropped 40 lbs already and have been on a weight lifting circuit. I learned to open a set, build attraction, qualify her, build comfort and then close. Three months into this journey I am starting to teach others the skills that I have acquired.

I want the pick up arts to enrich my life not define it. For me it is not about racking up lays, it is about building a life in which I am confidant and comfortable in ANY situation.
Like anything worth doing, it takes dedication and work but believe me it is worth it.

Thanks for listening to my journey



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