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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Progression, Part 1: Inner Focus.


"There is always an inner game being played in your mind no matter what outer game you are playing. How aware you are of this game can make the difference between success and failure in the outer game." -Tim Gallwey

Sometimes it gets hard to blog about a subject that is so abstract such as in the case of inner game. There is no magic pill that takes away approach anxiety or cures all your self esteem issues. Everything about pick-up takes an immense amount of work to get really good at it. People ask me all the time how did you get so good so quick at pick-up, well I like to think of myself not as good but as progressive. I have progressed so quick because of my focus, it has been rock solid since day one of my commitment to mastering social interactions. If I had to break down my structure on how to get progress quick without sacrificing important lessons, I would first start with inner game.

I think that Entropy says it best when he says that pick up is self-help in disguise. When it comes to inner game there are certain things that I did that I felt helped me out in a very drastic way.

First is to identify limited beliefs. This is very important because the first law of change is that you CANOT change what you do not acknowledge. Here is a quick exercise to help you identify your limited beliefs.

Exercise #1

Part 1:

Write down in a journal a detailed response on how you feel about each of the following topics.

  • Your appearance and looks
  • What you've been doing for the past two hours.
  • Your intelligence.
  • Your competence.
  • Your skills and abilities.
  • Your worth.
  • How would you rate your value as a person from 1-10

Part 2:

Imagine that you are about to approach a woman and open her. You find her very attractive and you know you are seconds away from the approach as you see standing there.

What are you saying to yourself?
Take time and write down EVERYTHING that is going through your head, really put yourself into the situation. Write down as much of this conversation as you can.

Now that you have completed this first exercise What do you notice about your limited beliefs? Remember that a limited belief is any belief that limits you in a negative way. An example of this would be, “I am a big guy therefore I cannot get a 10.” That belief is limited and thus identify it and write it down in your journal.

I started this post off saying that if you want to get good at this stuff you need to put in a lot of work. This type of work is emotionally draining but the benefits transcend pick up and spill into everything you think and do. You can only fake confidence for so long until you are forced to address the person who stares back at you in the mirror. You can recreate yourself and be the best you but all these things take time and here is the first step.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"I have a boyfriend"... sure you do


As you go out you are going to encounter a person that many new PUAs fear more then the approach, what is that? It is the boyfriend. There are typically a couple of reasons a girl will bring up a boyfriend. Here are the most common:

1) She is politely telling you she is not interested

2) She is shit testing you to see how you react to this

3) She is being serious and wants to tell you she is committed (or so she thinks)

When I started off in pick up I would get this boyfriend response quite a bit and thus it would cause me to eject and find a new target. As I progressed I saw that these boyfriends had no outcome in the game that I ran because girls will always gravitate toward men of higher value.

As an example I will use an interaction with a girl who I sarged while her boyfriend stood 5 feet from me.

Mayson: Hey rockstar I hear their is a party tonight

At this point please note that I nickname EVERYONE because it allows then to associate a phrase with me, this helps more then you think.

HBhummas: No its like a bar crawl we are at ____ if you come down you will get the biggest hug EVER!!!

Mayson: I might grace you with my presence.

HBhummas sees me and jumps over a table to hug me.

Mayson: Hey rockstar having fun?

HBhummas: Now I am, it is so good to see you

Mayson: I know it is huh (laugh)

HBhummas: She looks me up and down and says wow you have changed so much since school. Its not like a bad thing but what happened?

Her boyfriend is introduced, I shake his hand and my wing takes him for a tour of the bar while I steal his girl.

Mayson: (I pull her toward me and go HEAVY kino) So I want you to come out with me tomorrow to Boston

HBhummas: you know I don't have the money but I want to see you

Mayson: My friend does promoting I will see what I can do for you, no promises just fun times.

HBhummas: We need a cool handshake together lets make one up

Mayson: (at this point the BF is getting REALLY fidgety and won't leave me alone) Ok HBhummas, I am out we have other places to be

(we are holding hands with her BF 2 feet away staring at us and his girlfriend starts talking about her vagina. )

During this I have built enough attraction that she is triangular gazing me and I am almost ready for the kiss close but her boyfriend comes back at the logistically wrong time. Entropy says that there is always an element of chaos in the field and this is a perfect example.

HBhummas: NOOOOO stay, pllllease

Mayson: haha no I need to go make other people happy now too, have a good night.

Since then I have spoken with her and she knows that this is going to go down no matter what there is just to much attraction between us, the question is when will the logistics be right.

The point of this example is that I can be right next to the boyfriend and still his girl will be willing to cheat, it is NOT that she is a whore or anything like that but it is all because we are designed to pair bond with the higher value person.

The main point is you need to ignore the boyfriend because he is not part of your game. If she brings him up you cut her thread and stack something else in it. She gets the picture that it because a don’t ask don’t tell deal and soon enough the boyfriend is out of the picture. This has happened time and time again with girls who had boyfriends and then all of a sudden a couple of weeks go by and no more I get a call telling me they are single. Ignore it and follow Captain Jacks advice.. “If it doesn’t help your game ignore it.”

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Practical Pick Up: Boot Camp Review


As I write this I am still in shock of the weekend that has just passed. First understand that if some of this doesn’t make since it is because I am functioning on 3 hours of sleep in almost 3 days. I wanted to digest this while I still had so much of it fresh in my head.

First off as many of you know I was the approach coach for the Practical Pick Up boot camp. I went into this knowing that I was going to give my heart and soul to the students and to the instructors who gave me the opportunity.

Second I need to just rant about the quality of instructors AND students that we had.

Doc Holliday: He and I have been hanging out so much and if it wasn’t for him I don’t think I would have gotten this opportunity. His game is just so damn good that I am stunned at times seeing him work. Beyond all the game and glamour lies that person I call friend. His down to earth teaching style has just exploded people’s game and its been awesome to witness

Saffron: I can say without any doubt in my mind that Saffron is the baddest son of a bitch in Boston. He is an animal when it comes to the approach and I learn so much for just being around him. I haven’t talked much to Saffron before this and he and Entropy went out on a limb for me but thanks to their trust I got to know Saffron really well this weekend. I cannot even put into words what Saffron bring to the table because you HAVE TO SEE HIM IN SET. I actually though he knew everyone in Boston because everywhere he went he was opening left and right.

Entropy: Before this weekend I have never met Entropy but heard stories that are the making of legends. I didn’t know what to expect and I have to admit that Entropy’s game is like nothing I have seen. I am saying this because this is a guy who has got his shit down to a point that he radiates excellence. Entropy and I are a lot alike in the way we act and approach and its just a blast to watch him in set.

Finally the students: So much potential and so bad ass to be a part of their lives. I walked away a better person for knowing them and I think I speak for us all when I say we bonded on a deep level as we broke through many walls that kept us limited.

This entire event was just unbelievable and I am sure as the reviews come in you will be able to see a glimpse of what Practical Pick Up is all about.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Comfort, its how you play the game


I want to start this off by quoting the great Doc Holliday

You have to accept girls for who they are. You cannot be judgmental of anything they tell you. Once you start to create a real emotional connection with women, they will probably tell you fucked up shit about their lives that you wish they never told you. You can't think of women as sluts or whores. People fuck up. We're humans, we make bad decisions, but that's what makes us who we are and you learn from it and move on.

There are things in my past that I am not proud of but it is because of our struggles that we build character. Pick up is so much more then lays and girls it is a lifestyle. Most of what pick up teaches is how to interact better with people in general. I really feel bad for people when they bring this stigma into the community that girls are the reason they are going to be happy. When you are good at pick up you start to build VERY strong emotional connections with the girls you talk to and thus they spill their hearts out to you. This can be very shocking at first if you have not build a strong connection with a girl.

As trust and rapport is built you see the inner person who’s flaws and strengths make up their character. The more you share your lives the deeper the emotional connection becomes. Women respond to emotion MUCH more then guys do, thus trust and comfort are build which tend to be essential qualities for any sort of encounter. If you cannot handle the fucked up shit that each person brings to the table I HIGHLY suggest that you spend sometime working on yourself and getting a strong frame.

Finally, these emotional experiences are legit and mean a lot to both people, it is not really about gaming but about experiencing what led you too together. Do not jump off the seat in reaction if she says something you don’t like, be understanding because we ALL have issues in our past.

Once you experience this you know that you have some DEEP COMFORT

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Community Spotlight: Captain Jack


I wanted to continue highlighting people and blogs that really make a difference in this community and today I get to talk about Captain Jack! First off if you are not a regular reader of his blog I think you should stop what you are doing and check his blog out here. What separates Captain Jack from others in the community is the depth of knowledge you can acquire from JUST reading his blog. CJ also offers some amazing material and programs that many others in this community do not offer.

I was introduced to Captain Jack from El Topo and believe me his CJ impersonation is fucking hilarious! What I noticed is that these guys both have a passion for their students and that is really important in this industry. If you are serious about your game and improving your skill, Captain Jack is a must and thus he is linked in the right hand corner of this blog.

Captain Jack's Blog

Monday, February 4, 2008

Know your type


Know the type of girl you want… Period..

Doc wrote something that hits home HARD with me and I want to reference it.

I've gone to a couple of parties with Saffron over the past two months and met a lot of the women in his social circle. 99% of these girls are Ivy League, traditional Asian girls. Now I've always known that I have trouble picking up conservative Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Etc women. But put me around artsy girls or party girls and I'm fishing with dynamite. I can even hold my own with black girls because I've always had a lot of black friends and can relate to them.

First off is my appearance... I have a very rocker style-- Mohawk, wear New Rocks, piercings, etc. I'm outside of their reality and unlike any guy they've probably even talked to before. But this is an easy thing to get over, I look cool and cool is fairly universal.

Second is my personality. I'm very outgoing, loud, overtly sexual, and turn everything into a joke. Once again this is outside of their reality. All of this needs to toned down. Jeffy talks about "Being the right guy for her" by toning down the parts of you that don't mesh well with them and playing up the parts that do. I had an Asian girl sucking on my nipple rings the other day and it was cool until I verbalized what she was doing. After that it's like it all of a sudden became real to her and she froze up.

This hits home for me pretty hard seeing I just went through the same thing. I did get laid out of it but I couldn’t turn it into anything else but a one shot deal. I think about how different I am from some of these girls that I find so damn attractive. I am a person who goes to clubs and dances, they listen to crazy punk and hate society. I go out and love to meet people they go out and avoid them.

It is really two different worlds that are trying to collide and the more I think about it the more I understand why at times they cannot. One night stands on the other hand… Well that is different. Turning it into friends with benefits or anything is really a pain in the ass. My image is that of a clubber, flashy and well dressed. I really enjoy what Jeffy said…..


What does that mean to you?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

WOW Crazyyy News


If you are in the Boston area or can get there something BIG is about to happen that will no doubt change the face of pick up for the people who get involved!!!

What am I talking about?

A Boston bootcamp run by 3 of the BEST PUAs this area has seen. Bootcamps are normally an investment but these guys are doing this for the community and the price is SOOO low. The guys running this are Doc, Saffron and Entropy. They are not ONLY some of the best PUAs this area has but they are also some of the COOLEST people I have met hands down. This opportunity is ONLY for a limited amount of people so SERIOUSLY get on it now.

Everyone asks me how to get better at this and these guys are holding the keys not just to getting better at pick up but changing your lifestyle for the better. Take a look at Doc's blog as well as Saffron's and Entropy's, these are guys who have worked with some of the best PUA's in the world and now you have the chance to learn from them. Doc Holliday Entropy Saffron

Seriously guys check this out!! Here is just a BIT of what they are going to offer.

Day Game:
• Day-Game Based Immediate Attraction Openers
• Deep Soul Comfort Stacks™
• Quality Qualifications™
• Identity Development
• Immediate & Personalized In-field Feedback & much, much more…
Night Game:
• Night-Game Customized Immediate Attraction Openers
• Dance Floor Game Deconstructed
• Sexualized Eye Contact and Seductive Kino
• Customized Routines
• Comprehensive Cold Reading
• Powerstacking™ -- Individually-based, Topic-linked stacks
• Immediate & Personalized In-field Feedback & much, much more…
Inner Game:
• Impenetrable Frame Focus™
• Shifting Shit Tests
• State Control Secrets
• The Power of Beliefs
• Immediate & Personalized In-field Feedback & much, much more

The date is the 16th and 17th of Feb

E-mail them at with your Name and Contact Information.

Remeber space is limited!!
Because we value quality over quantity, we are only accepting 6 students. 6 students for 3 expert instructors is a 2:1 ratio that is a value that can't be matched in the community. Due to our low prices and limited availability, we are in high demand so make sure to sign up ASAP.

Guys honestly, don't miss this!!



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