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Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Social Systems


For a long time now I have been waiting to revel the details of this and finally the day has arrived!

I have been working on a company called New Social Systems for awhile now. I have worked with some great companies in the past and I am proud to say that this one I started with a great coach named Jimmy from the Boston area.

I wanted to create a company that was different then others, what we did is create new social systems for people......

What do we do that is different?

At New Social Systems we are NOT pick up artists....

We help men in three main areas, dating, relationship management and lifestyle improvement.

We teach men the skills to use the tools that we believe they already possess to attract the mate they want. Through our personal coaching and our seminars we give detailed instructions on how to grow relationships as well as how to build the life that you want.

We believe that everyone comes into our seminars in a different place and so we tailor our seminars to the needs of the students.

Whether you want to learn to attract more women or you want to strengthen your relationship or maybe you just want to create a new look, New Social Systems can help you.

Check out some of our success stories!

I am really excited to bring New Social Systems to you guys and I want you to check it out! We are offering tons of FREE content with video blogs, audio seminars and MUCH MORE.

Check us out and sign up on the homepage for a FREE 30 MINUTE AUDIO SEMINAR just for visiting the site.

Feel free to throw me feedback and what you would like to see on the site.


Look forward to your questions, comments and feedback..

Friday, August 21, 2009



Huge changes are about to happen...

For awhile I have been talking about changing some things up and next week it finally happens! I have been working with students quite a bit so expect some reviews, free stuff and a new site :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

that which resists...


Over the course of the last couple of weeks there has been a principal that has repeated itself in my life and the lives of the students that I have been teaching and I wanted to share it with you guys...


I am sure most of us have heard the phrase before but I wanted to break it down a bit because I have seen this very concept work time and time again in the field and its something that I believe is a part of a deeper understanding about life.

When you resist against something it gives it energy and make the force that you are resisting that much stronger.

By resisting...
you are reflecting back to you...
the very thing that you do not want...

Let’s take the example of a break up in a relationship. If the woman breaks up with you and you do everything you can to win her back instead of allowing her the space that she wants then you are resisting the break up and thus giving it power. Your focus is not on bettering yourself in this process but resisting the break up. This will cause the break up to persist and to actually become more painful. When you stop resisting and allow yourself the freedom to walk away and give her the gift of allowing her to reassess the situation then you stop giving it power.

The more you resist the things in life by saying
“ no I don’t want that”
you are magnifying the very things in which you don’t want. Spend your time and energy thinking and feeling what you want rather then what you don’t want and watch as it manifests into your life.

This is the principal that is based in the martial art Aikido. You redirect your opponent’s energy and you’re their force against them. You do not resist their attack but redirect it. This principal is universal and holds true for all problems in life.

Though we understand the principal, we now have to put it into action. One way to redirect the resistance is to..

be aware of your feelings...

Since your thoughts dictate your feelings, start by thinking positive thoughts. Think of things in the present that you love about yourself or other people. Think of fun times that you have had throughout your life and really get the feeling associated with those times. Stop resisting what you want to change and understand that change is inevitable but growth is optional.

I am going to be talking a lot more about how to develop a new lifestyle mindset and offering some really cool things to the readers.. SO STAY TUNED

As always if you have questions..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Guess Who?


So where have I been? I am sure you are all asking that question and the subject of this blog will subsequently be the answer.

Its easy to get wrapped up in the “lifestyle” of pick up when you begin to become proficient with this. You buy all the books, read all the gurus posts, watch all the material and suffer from what I like to call a pick up bulimia. Everyone knows what bulima is, it is a disease in which a person gorges themselves on food only to vomit it up a short while later.

For a large point in my game I suffered from a form of pick up bulimia in which I would gorge myself on products and anything I could devourer only to throw it up a short time later to other people. My lifestyle was in chaos but my game was growing at a pace that was alarming. I was teaching with companies, getting to meet people that I idolized in the community but I wasn’t healthy. Sure my game was solid but my lifestyle was not conducive to the quality of girls I was meeting. I longed for something to ground me and all the women in the world can never fill the void of self loathing.

I decided that pick up needed to take a back seat and I needed to fix my lifestyle. Other companies love to address that symptoms and not the ailment and tell us that lifestyle will come as your game develops but this is a misnomer. You must take control of your life; no one will do it for you. So I opted to stop teaching, give up opportunities with companies and change my lifestyle for good.

Through this process I knew that I wanted to help students but in a different way then I saw my peers approach it. I think life is managed not cured and I watched far too many teachers and gurus try to cure students.

So I stopped teaching and fixed my life. Eight months later I can say that there are very little things in life that were as important for me to do as the decision that I made eight months ago. My game has been revolutionized and I am finally able to do things that I never was able to before when my lifestyle was in chaos.

So what is next?

I have been working with another dating coach for awhile now to develop a system of learning custom to every student. The way we have been teaching is changing lives and I am so thankful for the students that we have worked with thus far. We are not here to sell you another pill that treats the symptoms of your issues with women and relationships; we are here to

get rid of the disease.

I am going to be updating more on all of this and giving away free lessons from our new model of socialization. Watch of all this and more soon!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guess Who's Back....


Like the worst case of crabs you thought you got rid of... Guess Who's Back!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the 10!!


There is a great discussion going on in the Boston lair that started with a post I made about picking up the 10. I want to share it with you guys and email me your thoughts! MAYSONPUA@GMAIL.COM

So I want to hear your thoughts on picking up a genuine 10.

Let me first preface this by saying people's rating systems are DRASTICALLY different but universally we can agree within a point that a girl is a 10.

Second let me say that I feel as though in the community we have been infused with ideas from Love Systems and other companies that the principal for picking up a 10 is the same as a 6 just more negs. This is something I am against whole heartedly. I feel that anytime you lower a persons value because your value is lower then hers, then you are just being a value taker.

Specifically, what do you do different when dealing with a 10?
What strategies do you employ?
Be honest, do you even bother with 10s?
If you have ever closed a 10 what did u do the same and or different.

Here are my thoughts... What are your thoughts?
First off let get on the same page with a couple of things.

1) When you see a girl you process your value compared to hers.

Basically this means that when you see a girl you are sizing her up and then placing a value upon her based in a number of qualities, mainly attributed with appearance. This looks based value system continues until conversation is made and then it scales back a small about but as guys we are still driven by appearances.

For the women they too judge appearance but instead of the symmetrical qualities that we as guys look for they are much more concerned with the sub communications and if the guy is taking care of himself. If the guy looks like he took longer to get ready then the woman did then many times they will be turned off. If he looked like he walked out of the forest and hasn’t shaved or showered we all know that, that is a deal breaker as well. The main thing that a woman is looking for upon approach is the subtitle cues WAY MORE then what you are actually saying.

2) Value is a magnet it is dragging around your perception all the time.

This aspect is true for guys and for girls, that PERCIEVED value is a filter in which we view the individual. The reason that I capitalized perceived is because perception often times equates with deception. Remember back about 8 years ago when the magic eyes pictures were all the craze? Basically, it was a picture that upon staring at it for sometime you would see a 3d image. At first all you saw was a scrambled picture with nothing in it, but once you finally got it you could see the actual picture inside it. The first perception was that there was nothing there, upon closer inspection we realize that there was something there and we were deceived at first.

Value works just like the 3d image.

3) This game is about value

To get the girls of exceptional quality one must display value in a way that is congruent with who they are. What I mean by this is since girls respond to value the way we respond to a beautiful girl in a mini-skirt, we must display value in a way that is congruent with who we are. We are not all club owners, promoters, bar tenders and well connected so you must start to display the type of value that is more long term. This brings us to our 4th point.

4) Women think more long term when it comes to value.

Women are constantly thinking about where this will go and what could happen down the road. To display the value that most 10s look for, (and again most 10s are not your average run of the mill club rat, these are the girls who have looks, brains and ambition) you must project your value in a long term setting. Being goal driven in your career and life is something that these rare types of girls will truly be attracted to. This displays a mastery over your sense of self and even biblical texts agree in the book of Proverbs that a people without a vision perish. What this sub communicates about you is that you have a vision for the future and she could share in the fruition of that vision, this excites and stimulates her.

5) Tips, tactics and more

I can tell you all with humility and honesty that I have never closed a 10. I know that in this community we tend to have a chip on our shoulder that closing women makes you better at this game and in some ways, “cooler” among your peers. The truth of the matter is I work as a dating coach, have worked with many people across the US, worked with major pick up companies and through all that I STILL fail. What makes me succeed where others give up is my passion not to wrack up the most lays but to leave women better then I found them. This principal if giving value is ironically something that goes against the grain of much of the mainstream community ideology. We are taught to neg (lower a woman’s value) we are taught to DHV (demonstrate higher value) and all in attempts to finally get her home and have sex. Sure we all want to have sex but the irony is that the more you make a girl feel that she has value beyond replication she is instinctively drawn to you as a moth is drawn to a flame.

To get the 10 takes a mastery of the right combination of value and elusiveness. You must stay just out of her range NOT out of her league. At the end of the day getting the 10 is much more about value, both giving and receiving it rather then negs, backhanded compliments or displaying HIGHER value.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Look, New Year, New Material!!!


First off HAPPY New Year to everyone out there!! There are so many things that I want to talk about so here we go....

First off I want to announce the FIRST EVER Path to Pick Up Contest!!! I am going to be giving away copies of Path to Pick Up for FREE... All I want you to do is send me your best Field Report from last year. I am going to be looking for Field Reports in which you learned some good lessons!! If you are chosen then you will receive a FREE copy of Path to Pick Up and as you all know its not even on sale yet!

So the contest is simple....

1) Write your best field report from last year in which you learned a valuable lesson
2) Email it to me at MAYSONPUA@GMAIL.COM
3) The contest will run from 1/14- 2/28
4) Check your email for notifications!

For the people who want to just get Path to Pick Up right now.. Well I have news for you coming up as well..

This year I want to hear even more from you guys. I want your questions, comments, complaints and what are you struggling with! I will through out this year be posting questions that I have gotten from you guys and talking about them here.

I also will be starting the first stages of something we call New Social Systems. New Social Systems is a collection of all the lifestyle, dating and relationship counseling that I have been doing over the last year. New Social Systems is going to be a great resource for people who want to live life and live it with abundance. We focus on Health, (mental and physical) Relationships, (attracting a mate and then managing the relationship) and Spirituality. (living with a higher purpose) This is something that we pride ourselves on and you will hear much much more on as the year goes on. You will also have the ability to see us live in cities near you!

Finally I wanted exchange blogs with all my readers!!!!!

I want to link YOUR blogs and create a network of people so we can have more resources at our finger tips. So email me NOW with your blog link and what your blog is basically about and it will be featured on my site!!


See you all soon,

Thursday, January 1, 2009


As customary I want to take a look at 2008 in review.


New Years resolutions:

1) Be more social – Expand my social circle and meet more people in general.
2) Be more confidant- For me this means work on inner game quite a bit. I want to be the person that I have always felt lives inside of me. Life is to short to waste on trivial matters and this year I will meet people of like mind who want to be more then they were brought up to be.
3) Kiss 25 different girls- This is a person resolution that Weez and I have decided to adopt as a part of our pick up game
4) Grow my game- This means many things to me. First off I want to learn how to socially interact at a very high level by displaying higher value. I want to learn the social interaction that takes place between high value males and attractive females. This resolution also means to me that I must teach others the skills that I am acquiring. I hope to help change people’s lives through the Venusian Arts.

1) Be more social and expand my social circle.
I started 08 with a core of two people who I consistently hung around. I now have over 75 numbers this year and that is JUST the people that I actually talk to. I work for the clubs that I sarged in as a promoter and one of my best friends owns the place that I first opened a set in night game at. I smashed this goal.

2) Be More Confidant.
Some of the quotes from people in 2008.

HBbootygirl: yah (big smile)… wow your game is so much better then his (points to a friend)

Mayson: Do you go to ____ a lot I know a promoter who works there
HBasian1: Yah I do.. That has to be where it is from..
Mayson: Yah you must have been one of my groupies
HBasian1: haha I love your style I totally would be

HBgirl1: hahaha my friend loves your style and wants to meet you

HBrandomblond: You’re a pimp.

HB9: “You are fucking gorgeous.”

These are just some of the things that girls have said that I documented in my journal. This doesn’t count the banter, countless IOIs etc. I wanted to be confidant and I didn’t find my confidence in others but with their constant complementing I did realize that I possessed it all along.

3) Kiss 25 different girls.
I thought that this was going to be the hardest part of 08. Before 08 I don’t think I kissed 25 different girls in my entire life. This goal has been a GREAT learning experience and I am proud to say it has been completed!

4) Grow my game.
I wanted to teach others this style of game that through the GREAT help of learning from people like Doc Holliday, Ganglord, Entropy, Saffron, Stallion, Hollywood, El Topo, Captain Jack and so many more I found what works for me. I created new social systems that I have never even thought of before. These new social systems have changed my game and have yielded some amazing results not only with women but with everyone I come in contact with.

I taught with Practical Pick-Up as their approach coach this year. I went to Vegas to teach with the Art of Charm and Race and Kelly and learned from the students and teacher there as well. I did multiple one on ones and watched students with physical ailments rise above their handicap and pull some beautiful girls. I finished the Path to Pick Up, my first ever ebook which is a new social system to getting the life people crave. I smashed this goal and I could not be more proud of myself for the accomplishments that I made.

And now a year in review, 2008.

2008 comes to a close I sit humbled by the experiences that I have had. I was able to travel in and out of the country teaching these New Social Systems to people. I met some amazing friends and build the foundations of future friendships.

In 2008 I continued to lose weight dropping another 40 lbs losing over 80 lbs since I began this journey. I have kept this weight off for over a year.

In 2008 I launched my career building websites and graphic design projects for companies all over the country. I struggled with money but somehow I found a way to keep it all going.

In 2008 I build countless friendships and get to work as a club promoter. I have build such a strong social circle that I don’t pay to get into a club anywhere in the area and I never have to wait in line. I am treated like a celebrity in any club that I go in.

In 2008 I saw that bright lights of Vegas. I was not only able to number close the HOTTEST stripper I have ever seen but I was able to get paid to go out and teach the skills that I learned a year ago.

In 2008 I had more sex then I have ever had in my life, kissed more girls then I have ever in my life and been around women more then I EVER have in my life.

In 2008 I watched some of my friend who hated this change not only embrace it but ask how they can learn the social systems that I have learned.

In 2008 I fell in love with who I am as a person and know that with hard work the sky is not even the limit for my potential.

Game is not about wracking up lays to take vengeance on women for your hurt in life. Game is about improving yourself that you can share your best self with people who deserves it.



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