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Friday, October 31, 2008



I love this time of year...

The debauchery of the weekend continues tonight.. Stay tuned for a full wrap up

Thursday, October 23, 2008

How to write a story


One question that people ask me consistently is how do a write a story that displays value? So today we are going to talk about just that and I will give you a step by step process so you can write your own stories.

How to write a story that displays value.

First off I do not advocate lying in any way shape or form. Each person on this earth has things about their life that other people will find fascinating and the following will teach you how to harness these life experiences into stories that others will find fascinating as well. In your stories you are NOT bragging at all. You are simply telling a story and flipping an attraction switch in the woman so that she will relate to you.

You must take time and develop and test these stories much like a comedian will take their time and work on a joke. These stories are important and will help you generate conversation when you run out of things to say. It is important to keep in mind that the delivery of these stories must be well thought out and planned. If your tonality and delivery is off then your story will lose its value. Finally, always keep in mind that you body language says more then you can say with a million words so keep that in check when you are delivering your stories.

Basic Principals of Your Story.

Flipping the Switch.
The following are well known attraction switches and your story must convey one or more of these principals.

1. Pre-selected by women.

This basically means that you are and have been selected by other women in your past. This is a hybrid of social proof in which it is more directed toward the individual then a peer group.

2. Leader of men.
This displays that we are the alpha male of our group and we have the confidence to lead other men. This is another hybrid of social proof in the sense that you are displaying your leadership qualities.

3. Protector of loved ones.

You must be willing to protect what you love. She needs to understand that you can protect and watch over her. Understand that this does NOT mean you have to display that you can hold your own in a fight. This means that you can be dominate and defuse situations that arise, all the while protecting her.

4. Willing to emote.

You have to be able to display a range of emotions. You want to take her on a rollercoaster ride with bringing her into that range of emotions from happy to crazy to calm to seductive.

5. The willingness to walk away.

In every interaction with a woman there is a point where you have to make it known that as much as you want her you will not beg and you can and will walk at anytime you find the cost is greater then the reward. This concept is vitally important and can give an immense amount of attraction when done correctly.

How To Write Your Story.

The most efficient way to write your story is to answer the following questions.

What are the three most influential people that you know and what do they do?
What places have you traveled to?
How close with your family are you?
What are you passionate about? (art, music, play instruments)
How many languages can you speak?
Have you had a girlfriend in the past?
If you have been in a relationship before what is one cool thing you did together?
Do you have friends who are girls? What are their names?
What do you do for a living? (student, occupation etc)
Do you own your own house, apt or car? (this is not VITAL but helps)
What do you typically do on the weekends?

Now that you have created this list I want you to look it over and see how things can fit into attraction switches based on your life. For instance, let’s say you have traveled to Ireland to go see your favorite band once. Here is a sentence and explanation how it causes the attraction switch to flip.

So my favorite band is Jane’s Addiction and I saw that they had this massive tour in Ireland. So I called my friend Jaime and told him about it and we should go because I thought it would be an amazing adventure to be in a country that we have never visited to see my favorite band….. /end story

Let’s see how we flip the attraction switches with this short story. So you have musical interests that may or may not be like hers but shows that you have an interest in music without a doubt. From there you took an adventure with a friend which shows pre-selection AND leader of men as well as a sense of fun and adventure. All these things were displayed in just a couple of sentences. Obviously your story has the option of continuing as you talk about the experience and how it felt to be there.

Make sure that you PRACTICE your delivery again and again as this step is crucial because 10% of the message is your actually words and 90% is your body language.

Important Thoughts To Keep In Mind

Never Brag. The difference between bragging and talk is all in how you say it. For instance, if you were tell talk about the time you won a trophy in karate this is bragging.

“So I am awesome at karate and I have won a bunch of trophies.”

Here is how you should word it

“So I have always been passionate about karate and have worked hard at it, eventually I got pretty good.”

You are saying the same thing but it is all in how you word it.

Talk At A Rhythmic Pace. Do not talk to fast because the message will not get across and you will sound like you are nervous. On the other hand if you are slower and rhythmic with your pace you will sound in control and confidant.

Questions? Comments?

Monday, October 13, 2008

News and FR...


I get a good amount of email from people asking me to talk about LRs and FRs but as you see I don’t really find a lot of value in posting them. I am going to break down the interactions of a couple of reports lately in hopes that my readers see it as something that is adding value and shows how you can push the limits of an interaction.

First let me tell you some pretty exciting news. I am putting the last touches on the final version of Path to Pick Up! This is a 6 week guide to improving your social life and it is packed with tons of new exercise. I have worked for a long time on this system that I can offer people who want a hands on approach to making fast improvements in their social lives without paying hundreds and thousands of dollars.

In addition to this I have some great new posts from guests that I will feature on my blog and believe me when I say you will NOT want to miss this. I am going to be updating more and more each week as I travel out of the country this week to teach. So STAY tuned!

FR: Chastity Belt Girl
The venue was packed as a special guest DJ was bringing in lots of people and I just got back from Philly 5 hours before we arrived. To say I was tired was an understatement but one of the things that you notice when you go out a lot is that the nights you least want to go out that greatness happens. We arrived VIP with a bunch of friends including Ganglord, ready to have a blast. When we go out its not about sarging, it is about having a fun time, creating a fun environment and drawing positive attention our way. It’s ironic because even though we never make it about “pick up” we all end up "picking up".

After the manager buys us a couple of rounds of shots we decide to head downstairs to the main area. I get close to the stage and this girl is pointing up on the stage right next to me like she wants to get on it. My female friend is on the stage dancing and I look over at the girl trying to get on stage lets call her HBchastity and tell her you need to know the password to get on stage. She smiles at me seductively and asks what the password is. At this point I bring her in close and whisper in her ear,

“if you don’t know the password then you cannot get on it.”

I set the sexual frame and she smiles even bigger and I catch her glance at my lip ring. I tell her that this is the password, and I kiss her. She tells me she likes that password. I dance with HBchastity for a bit escalating my kino as my hand moves up her thigh. She pushes her ass into me as I feel this weird plastic like thing at the end of her skirt. It’s like her skirt is so dam tight that I cannot get my hand in there. I back off a bit and tell her I will be back.

At this point I see another of the hired dancers up in our VIP area so I stroll back to our table and befriend her male friend. I have seen this guy before he is an awesome dancer and pretty cool guy. So I open the set and lock in between him and her as I take a picture with her. Then HBchastity comes up to our table looking for me and interrupts my set. I introduce them all as she pulls me away. We talk for a bit I get her number and the night is winding down. She asks me to walk outside with her and I walk out of the club with her arm and arm. We get outside and her brother comes out to talk to her and speak in some language I have no idea WTF they are saying. Ganglord is with a dancer so I have no wing to deal with this guy and so I interrupt him and say

“hey man awesome time tonight have you been here before?”

He knows his sister is about to fuck me and is trying to pull her away. They are arguing in some language so I walk over to this Spanish girl I see outside and say,

“wow its crazy when people argue over shit in a language you don’t understand.”

She laughs and says

“what are they arguing over?”

With a smirk on my face I whisper in her ear pushing her hair back….


She looks up and smiles and I tell her lets walk across the street and get away from this. I hold out my arm and we walk across the street leaving HBchastity to argue with her brother. HBSpanish and I stop and talk for a bit but we are under a time constraint as I am about to leave and so is she. This guy comes over and starts telling her she has to leave. At this point I am thinking WTF is this with guys pulling these girls. She looks at me and says,

“that is my brother he protects me from guys who try to pick me up in clubs.”

I laughed and asked if he is taking more clients because these girls are crazy here. I talk with her brother showing him I am a cool guy and not some creep and he pretty much hands her to me and says her back in five minutes. Lesson #3,453 BEFRIEND THE GUYS: they hand you their girls, sisters and friends.

I look across the street and see Ganglord in a six set and three DAMN fine girls. I am ready to go over there but first I have to finish business. I end up making out with HBSpanish and getting her number walking her to the car then going to this 6 set. Ganglord is chatting up this beautiful blond girl and he introduces me to her smoking hot blond friend. We hit it off as I tell her about my crazy night of what just when down with the 2 girls and making out with them and how I was disappointed now cause no more fun for me tonight. She mentioned that she didn’t even get kissed tonight so I was ahead of her. We talked for 10 minutes outside as I would drop sexual innuendos that she was trying to get me home with her then drop into comfort, all the while escalating kino. We starting making out on the street. I end the kiss, lick my lips and taste the chapstick of three girls in this strange flavor of wax and berries. The thought brings a smile to my face and as I turn around I see Ganglord kissing his dancer in this passionate embrace I happen to capture on his Iphone…

The night ends as the taste of waxy berry chapstick reminds me that who fucking cares if you are tired, the best things happen when you want to stay home.

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