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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Guess Who?


So where have I been? I am sure you are all asking that question and the subject of this blog will subsequently be the answer.

Its easy to get wrapped up in the “lifestyle” of pick up when you begin to become proficient with this. You buy all the books, read all the gurus posts, watch all the material and suffer from what I like to call a pick up bulimia. Everyone knows what bulima is, it is a disease in which a person gorges themselves on food only to vomit it up a short while later.

For a large point in my game I suffered from a form of pick up bulimia in which I would gorge myself on products and anything I could devourer only to throw it up a short time later to other people. My lifestyle was in chaos but my game was growing at a pace that was alarming. I was teaching with companies, getting to meet people that I idolized in the community but I wasn’t healthy. Sure my game was solid but my lifestyle was not conducive to the quality of girls I was meeting. I longed for something to ground me and all the women in the world can never fill the void of self loathing.

I decided that pick up needed to take a back seat and I needed to fix my lifestyle. Other companies love to address that symptoms and not the ailment and tell us that lifestyle will come as your game develops but this is a misnomer. You must take control of your life; no one will do it for you. So I opted to stop teaching, give up opportunities with companies and change my lifestyle for good.

Through this process I knew that I wanted to help students but in a different way then I saw my peers approach it. I think life is managed not cured and I watched far too many teachers and gurus try to cure students.

So I stopped teaching and fixed my life. Eight months later I can say that there are very little things in life that were as important for me to do as the decision that I made eight months ago. My game has been revolutionized and I am finally able to do things that I never was able to before when my lifestyle was in chaos.

So what is next?

I have been working with another dating coach for awhile now to develop a system of learning custom to every student. The way we have been teaching is changing lives and I am so thankful for the students that we have worked with thus far. We are not here to sell you another pill that treats the symptoms of your issues with women and relationships; we are here to

get rid of the disease.

I am going to be updating more on all of this and giving away free lessons from our new model of socialization. Watch of all this and more soon!



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