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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vegas Report: Gaming the Gamer...


Vegas was filled with lessons, some of them humbling and some of them life changing but when it came time to showcase my game to the dancers in Vegas I was pumped and ready to roll. Granted I have never spent any time doing strip club game so all this theory was in my head understanding how to game the gamers but I knew that I was in for a night that I would not soon forget.

From the night we arrived we were taken to a small strip club and Jamieson and I were on from the minute we entered the club. I had a beer and we began getting the girls to approach one by one and each time they would ask me for a dance I would tell them I am tired and really not thinking about that, I was simply there to grab a drink cause it was close to home. Most of the girls would plow and ask me if they could get me wide awake. I would tell them that they would have to be way over the top to do that. Challenging them to showcase what they had. This worked for initial interest but I soon found that I would have to transition rather quickly.

Through these micro interactions I quickly learned in the space of an hour how to de-program the dancer and get REAL conversations. Finally I was able to use solid game on this girl and her friend. She was a solid 9 and a bitch and a half… JUST the way I like it. She asked me if I wanted a dancer and I began like I have done earlier that night talking about my flight and how I was tired. She told me that I was no fun and I am in Vegas so I should party. At this point I thought…
”well, if she can dish it she better be able to take it.”
I looked at her bewildered and said..
“Wow, you kinda suck at your job huh.”
At this point I began to get hot with embarrassment worried that I pushed it too far but I knew that this was the right thing to do. She leaned back, examined me, smiled and said
“This is my first night.”
She told me how her friend who was dancing on another friend of mine told her she can make great money. I dropped into qualification and she complied… hard.

At this point I got real IOIs, she was not interested in me as a customer but her interest was something deeper and I could see it as she warmed up to me giving me the doggy dinner bowl eyes. I launched into some serious comfort but lacked something that would end up blowing me out with the hottest girl in Vegas later that week. Forty minutes later the girl was still there sharing her life with me showing me her cell phone and telling me how the world is an evil place. I stood my ground and talked about my heroes and how there is good in the world as she proceeded to grind me. She told me that we should all meet up after word and told us the place they are going to about 60 times in rapid succession. We left the place around 7am and I felt like my first experience in strip club game was a success but nothing could have prepared me for what happened next.

The next night we wanted to spend more time in a strip club so I asked what is the most famous place with the HIGHEST quality girls. We got our answer and drove there that night. The place holds 1500 people and there were well over 200 HOT dancers. I was going to need every ounce of skill I had to pull in this place. Walking in was like nothing I expected, girls and guys everywhere and no place to sit. My friend greased the bouncer and he cleared a table for us right away by kicking out these three guys who were sitting there. We ordered a round of drinks and like moths to flame the girls started to come over, it was like they could smell the money and who can blame them, they were there to get paid and on a night like this they would make a TON!

A couple of girls sat on my lap and I would get into conversation easy as this new de-programming tool I created last night was working VERY well. I really wasn’t into any of them and so at this point Jamieson informed us that he was going to find the hottest girl in this place and bring her and her friend over here. Thirty minutes later he delivered. He brought over a smoking hot blond for him and the HOTTEST girl in the entire place for me.

The interaction with HB10 began with her asking me if I wanted a dance. I told her no but I charge 20 bucks and I will dance for her. She gave a sincere laugh and smile and I launched right into my de-programming. There is a hooking point with each of these girls that you can see they kinda just shut off the game and get wrapped up in who you are. Once you get there you know you can get honest qualification. Jamieson said something VERY profound:

“Strippers start in rapport.”

Knowing this it is YOUR job to stop her from rapport and go back into attraction. This was displayed as I was cocky and funny to HB10 and really showed a non-neediness. These things caused an interest to form in her and I ran it as a regular set after she was out of working mode. There is a real shift from her seeing you as a customer to her seeing you as a potential match and this is the most important thing that you can do to get this type of girl.

She sat on my lap giving me free dances for over two hours. She didn’t leave my side except to go to the bathroom and she walked right back to me. I would look over at Jamieson and he would with a stern face nod which seemed to say you are in. At this point in the interaction she pulled out her phone and started texting her friend who was working to meet me. I told her that she had to give me a cute text too, it was only fair. She put in my number and texted me just as I asked, I had just number closed the hottest girls in the place.

It was getting late and she asked me if she could go make some money. I told her she better because we are going to breakfast later. She smiled embraced me and went off to dance for other guys. I would peer over and watch her work these guys and think to myself wow, they think she is into them but as she would dance for them she would look back at me and bite her lip and smile.

At the end of the night we left the club and my friend told me to call her right now. I was beyond tired and thought that if I waited for a bit she would be off work. Words cannot describe how frustrated I still am that I didn’t go get a red bull and call her THAT second. I let buying temperature fall and she wanted to get laid that night, I set up game that was deep comfort without the proper seduction and that is the formula for a relationship. One error at the end of the night cost me the hottest girl I saw in Vegas. I texted her when I got up but never got a reply. I was sure that what I did or in this case didn’t do cost me that interaction but I looked at her number and decided to keep it in my phone. I kept that number because each time I see it I am reminded to escalate the interaction no matter how tired you are. I kept that number because it reminds me that attraction has so little to do with appearance and so much to do with personality.

A long time ago I heard a phrase that came back to haunt me. “The chances you miss most in life are the chances you never take.” I will chalk this one up to experience and a lesson that I will never forget.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Before Vegas I thought I had my game together. I thought my life was going pretty well and I was secure in my abilities to deal with people socially. I had an idea of where I was going and how to get there. The weeks leading up to Vegas changed me as a person and through the next couple of weeks I am going to attempt to explain how.

Part 1: Becoming a man….

What does it mean to be a man?

This is a question that I have pondered to three weeks now and I am STILL not sure if I can fully define it. I think that the definition is subject to change much like one would define love. For me being a man is stepping up to the plate when you want to just be complacent. It means being independent and a provider for not only yourself but for other people. In essence being a man is being someone who brings out value in others.

When we learn pick up we are learning how to be men. We are learning not just how to get the girls we want we are learning how to becoming the men who these high quality women are attracted to. Since value is a magnet that drags around our perception we must as men have the type of value that we give freely to others. An example of this would be if you saw someone on the street who asked for a penny. Chances are you would give them a penny without thinking because a penny to the average American is a disposable thing. We have pennies in abundance and thus give them freely.

In Vegas I was able to give value to targets as easily as I give pennies to someone. For most of my life I was the person who took value from others. I got involved in Pick up to take validation from girls. I figured that the more girls I slept with the more my self esteem would grow. The girls came and went and so did the self esteem. It was not until I learned the greatest paradox in human history that I actually gained tangible self esteem. That paradox is, the more that you give without expectation the more you receive.

While I was in Vegas I opened a set one night while we were at a local bar. There were plenty of girls in the set to go around but I made sure to talk to each of the girls and get to know them. I came to one girl who physically was not attractive at all to me. I spent time with her and raised her state, I got her off the seat and dancing and ended up having a great time. I found value in someone who I normally would have dismissed. As the night drew to a close I saw her sitting down once again, I went over to her and asked her if she was tired already. She said I am tired a lot. She then told me that she has cancer and has been in chemotherapy. Then she told me that tonight she has had so much fun and it was thanks to me.

The paradox of human history hit me in full force. I gave this girl value when other people would have passed her up and because I did find value in her I received the best gift I have ever gotten.

Next part will be the lesson of the stripper… Stay tuned :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008



VEGAS BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!! What a time and I cannot put into words what the experience was like. It is so good to step out of your reality and look at people and places that you have never seen before. Big props to Race and Kelly from the Art of Charm who are some of the most down to earth truly gifted friends that I have been able to meet. I am a better person for having known you guys.

I will be posting a TON more on this blog soon starting next week so stay tuned!



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