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Friday, November 28, 2008



yes .. I know I know.. it has been awhile but I have been taken some time off to work on other things in my life as well. I always tell people that it is important to have other things going on and man do I ever at this point.

I want to inform all my reader/friends that I am going to take a backseat from teaching for at least a month. I am clearing my schedule and going to use this blog as a back to basics FR, LR and Lifestyle report medium in which we can stay in touch and I can discuss WTF I am thinking. I typically take time off and help "reset" my mind from time to time and it has proved to be very helpful.

As always I will TOTALLY help out by answering questions and I am going to be offering Path to Pick Up as a road map to lifestyle change to everyone via google checkout. So in the next couple of weeks I am going to be really busy on this blog posting away my thoughts not as a teacher but as a student. We NEVER stop being students of the game and believe me I am not even close to a guru so just like you I have much more to learn.

so for now.. Goodbye to teaching.. Hello to back to basics.

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