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Sunday, January 27, 2008

FR: Weekend of crazy shit.


Weekend FR:

First off this weekend was NOT about sarging. Zilch was having a birthday party in Boston so we spent all day in Boston and Natick and really I don’t go out to sarge at this point. What I do is go out with intent to get things done and if someone catches my eye I capitalize on it.

This weekend consisted of Doc, P1anohands, Weez, Zilch, Scratch and I spending all fucking day together. I mentioned before that Doc is a pimp… let me tell you again that this guys game is so solid that it is sick. To watch and listen to Doc in set is something that is bad ass cause he is so stoic and calm that it screams confidence and that just works so well.

Props to P1anohands as well because he is one ball of MASSIVE amounts of energy and damn we all hit it off so well. I can see him and I hanging out QUITE a bit! So our day consisted of Natick Mall and then the Pru. Night was Underbar and a VIP party for the ages.

So we are at the pru after Doc’s 3rd number close and I am teaching scratch and Doc says to me open. I tell him I am teaching and he says fuck you that is an excuse. At this point I smile and go ok no problem at all then, walk over to the first blond I see and here is how it goes..

(As I approach I come in from the back and she doesn’t see or hear me and gets spooked)

Mayson: Wow, chill out I know it is strange to see a guy looking at maps of Ireland and all but its ok.

HBtraveler: hahah

Mayson: So you a big traveler?

HBtraveler: I want to be, I would love to go to Greece

Mayson: No kidden, I love to travel so get this right, (short DHV story about my summer and traveling.)

HBtraveler: (smiling and eye contact IOI) that is awesome omg blha blha

Mayson: My name is Mayson by the way

HBtravler: Hi I am Amber it is nice to meet you

Mayson: So Amber what do you do when you are not pretending to travel

HBtraveler: haha I work at a hospital

Mayson: So like.. I get the nurse vibe from you, you seem really caring

HBtraveler: haah thanks but I actually do research for them

Mayson: Wow that is pretty impressive, I have a friend who does microbiology and loves it

Note: At this point it was just too easy and she stopped looking at anything but me and I knew I was in, but anyone who knows me knows that I am VERY picky about my targets cause I get laid so I am not hard up or anything. So I tell her it was wonderful meeting her and eject. Yes I am an asshole.

I get feedback from Doc he says perfect just why didn’t you stay in longer. LOL I am sooooooooo fucking picky. I need to just chill out and run my game start to finish, I wasn’t afraid in set and was as clam as can be and ejected because it was just that easy.

Lets rewind a bit to some other events this weekend:


Thursday this got kicked off with a girl we are going to call HBpetshopgirl. Anyone who knows and talks to me knows that I saw this girl in the mall and she works at a pet shop and is the first girl I can clearly say is a 10. I thought about approaching A LOT but put it off…till Thursday.

So I see her and say fuck this here is how it went

Mayson: Hey I know this is completely random but like I have this friend and she just got two puppies and like she wants to do a random musical theme for the dogs like salt and peppa or something so hook me up with some ideas.

HBpetshopgirl: haha that is awesome, umm like I don’t know let me think..

Mayson: Oh come on I am sure you can come up with something, like who is the group that sang whoomp there it is..

HBpetshopgirl: (smiling big) ohh yah like.. shit what was it.. TAG TEAM

At this point I am happy as the interaction is going GREAT, and in comes the cockblock UG who works there.

Mayson: Hey we are thinking of duo names for these puppies like, singer names..

UG: ok like David Bowe?

Mayson: eh… yah you are way off.. DUO names hahah

HBpetshopgirl: how about Sunny and Cher

Mayson: now THAT is what I am talking about, niiice I like it your better then I thought.

UG: like how about (something I never heard of I was ready to throw her into a cage myself)

Mayson: (to petshop girl) Oh cool where did you get your lip pierced?

HBpetshopgirl: At blha blha blh

Mayson: no shit I have a friend who works there Amanda is her name.

HBpetshopgirl: ohh cool like I want to get more

UG: Yah I don’t know what to name them..

FUCKING UG SHUT UP!!! Boy could I have used an axe… or a wing I guess.

Mayson: I need to jet cause my friends are waiting for me but I will come back and let you know.

HBpetshopgirl: Yah totally (big smile) bye

So I was really clam even though she is so hot that I am pretty sure the fucking plastic melted on my key chain. Here is my plan. I go back this week and reopen with so this is what we named them, continue my qualify and then do my thing.. I like this one so I will post more about petshopgirl!


So I knew this girl who has a boyfriend and lets call her HBhummas... inside joke.

I call her up

Mayson: Hey rockstar I hear their is a party tonight

HBhummas: No its like a bar crawl we are at ____ if you come down you will get the biggest hug EVER!!!

Mayson: I might grace you with my presence.

Weez and I decide to go and I tell him I am going to make out with her so pull her BF away and keep him busy. We walk in and roll like we own the place. We are dressed very well and that bar is full of... shit I guess is the best way to describe it.

HBhummas sees me and jumps over a table to hug me.

Mayson: Hey rockstar having fun?

HBhummas: Now I am, it is so good to see you

Mayson: I know it is huh (laugh)

HBhummas: She looks me up and down and says wow you have changed so much since school. Its not like a bad thing but what happened?

Mayson: People change (smile) Well I cannot stay long so let me meet this perfect boyfriend

She brings her BF over I high five him, do a cold read about him being into cars to get him talking and Weez takes his ass away from me and HBhummas

Mayson: (I pull her toward me and go HEAVY kino) So I want you to come out with me tomorrow to Boston

HBhummas: you know I don't have the money but I want to see you

Mayson: My friend does promoting I will see what I can do for you, no promises

HBhummas: We need a cool handshake together lets make one up

(we are holding hands with her BF 2 feet away stairing at us and his girlfriend starts talking about her vagina. )

He hears the word Vagina and cuts Weez off and comes toward us saying, what is that about your vagina. (LOL)

I am like.. FUCK move this dude to another place..

He talks with Weez somemore and his girlfriend is hugging me not letting go, I push her off and she holds on looking at my lips.. At this point I am ready to go for the kiss but the dude is no having any of this as he looks at us. This was Weez's first wing and he did VERY good but didn't know to have the obstacles back toward us so I could kiss her.

Mayson: (at this point the BF is getting REALLY fidgity and won't leave me alone) Ok HBhummas, I am out we have other places to be

HBhummas: NOOOOO stay, pllllease

Mayson: haha no thanks

We hug, I am happy cause DAAAAMn that was sooo close.. I almost felt bad for the BF.

There was more to this weekend but I will save that for later.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Attraction is not a choice: Part 2


Now that you understand what attraction is; attraction is drawing an emotion out of a person, now let’s talk about how it can fit in your game. Attraction seems to be one of the early on sticking points that many people who are new to the game get caught up in. The entire attraction phase lasts from 1 minute to 4 minutes. The reason for this time is you are simply DHVing, negging and observing IOIs. The point is to get one IOI and then stack forward and being to qualify her.

Captain Jack says that once you have one IOI you have already gotten 10 be mindful and watch for her to respond.

Building attraction in your game is done though a process that is rather simple once you know the steps.

Step1) Being a DHV AND ground sequence with something short. An example of this is as follows:

“So every since I was little I would work on cars with my dad and it is a hobby that I carried over, so like I was working on my car the other day and a friend called to go to the beach and I was like sure man I will be right there.”

Do not use this DHV story it was thought up in two seconds but it does give you all an example of how you ground your story to your identity. This short story tell the listener that you and your father spend time together doing activates that you loved and it carried on. It also said that you put aside things because your friends are important and you are mechanically inclined. As you ground the story to your reality it allows the listener to feel like they know a bit about who you are and why you are the way you are. A good DHV story will raise more questions as well. For instance this short DHV story raises questions like, is your father still around, what kind of car do you have and how was the beach?

Step 2) Negging is a fine line that many people overdo. A neg is NOT an insult it is a backhanded complement. An example of this is as follows: “

You have beautiful eyes, especially the left one.”
A neg should make a person feel SLIGHT discomfort. If you over do this and believe me it is easy to do you will look like an arrogant piece of shit. One soft neg takes a girl way off of her high horse because girls of beauty are ALWAYS complemented and NEVER insulted unless it is their boyfriend, brother or father. If you want an example of what I mean look at ANY beautiful girl’s myspace and see all the picture comments of, “OMG you are so hot.” Your best bet is to ONLY use negs when she is unresponsive for IOIs.

Step 3) Observe IOIs. In any social interaction, you should be observing what is taking place with your own body language and body language of others around you as well. When it comes to a set make sure you are looking for an IOI so that you can get out of attraction because your time is MUCH better spend in comfort where the stakes of the game are much greater. Girls will VERY rarely sleep with you based on your looks but they WILL sleep with you if you are an easy person who be around who makes them FEEL comfortable. Sure, there is more to it then just that but this game has much more to do with comfort then attraction.

Attraction is essentially a small piece of bait that you use to bait them into comfort. As most of you know I am not a fan of routines BUT when you start out not understand how this game works then get a couple of routines like the cube or strawberry fields to help you elicit the responses that you want. Once you understand how attraction works, you will be able to reach into the last week of your life and simply talk about yourself and that alone will be a DHV. Your lifestyle should ALWAYS assist you in your pick up and if it is not then you are doing something wrong. What I mean by this is last week I met 6 new people at a local club, drove to Boston to meet up with a bunch of friends, saw the Pats in the AFC championship and went to the gym. All these things can easily be worded to show who I am and what I do in a light that builds attraction. If you keep in mind that to a female attraction is MUCH more about grooming, humor, value and social proof then it is about looks then you will understand how to build attraction from the beginning.

If you have questions, fire away.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gun slinging with the Doc


Doc Holliday is the guy your parents warned you about. He is not only by far one of the best PUAs I have ever met he is also changing my game every time we talk. If I could package that dude up and give him to everyone to asks me questions we would all be way better at this game then we would know what to do with. Let me introduce you to who Doc is and why his game is where it is.

Doc is not your typical ego driven PUA, he is an amazing teacher and person with a bit of crazy thrown in there. His game at this point is not about routines or banter it is beyond that shit and into embracing the lifestyle that he has taken the time to create. I tell everyone all the time life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself and Doc has literally done that with his life. He created his image, identity and persona to be one of the best PUAs I know hands down. The funniest thing about hanging with Doc is that here is a guy who is going to be very famous as a PUA very soon. If you have ever hung out with someone who is good at PU, or an instructor you can tell that their game is solid from watching them in set and hearing their teaching. Doc is that person and if you EVER get the chance to hear him speak, watch him in set or see him teach students. DO IT!

All in all I wanted to do this post and highlight some PUAs in the New England area who I think are making serious strides and can help us all in our game. I will add more introductions to other PUA’s and how you can get in touch with them so that YOUR game can grow. This is not about gimmicks, hard sells or anything like that; this is about living your best life and growing your game.

If you want to ask him any questions e-mail him at

He is VERY good about answering e-mail so do it up!

Till next time,


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Attraction it is not a choice: Part 1


In general, an attraction is what draws one object towards another. Let me first preface this by saying that there are subcategories of attraction which include but are not limited to, physical attraction and sexual attraction When it comes to sexual attraction most social psychologists believe the following:

Much of human sexual attractiveness is governed by physical attractiveness. This involves the impact one's appearance has on the senses, especially in the beginning of a relationship:

Visual perception (how the other looks and acts);

Olfaction (how the other smells, naturally or artificially; the wrong smell may be repellent);

Audition (how the other's voice and/or movements sound).

I think they have it right to a SMALL extent. Visual perception or looks have more to do with how you are dressed, groomed and present yourself then if you are blessed with super model good looks. Women say all the time that you should just be yourself but it is about being your BEST self that matters. Visually you want to portray that you take care of yourself or else how could you take care of the women in your life.

When it comes to olfaction or smell as we all know it, people over look this lots of times but it is a small detail with very large implications. Smell is tied to memory for reasons that date back to the caveman days. If you smell good all the time when you are out with girls they remember it and comment on it WAY more then most people think. Part of grooming which goes back to “looks” is making sure you put on a cologne that works for you and is not overpowering.

Finally these psychologists talk about audition or how the voice sounds. Sinn did a post on tempo and I think that it fits really well, here is an except of his blog:

Tempo: The rhythm of the interaction. The speed of it. You can use different rhythms to create different results. For example if you are really teasing a girl, the faster the rhythm of the jokes and teases is faster like a machine gun Where as in a more controlled energy level the jokes come slower

You want to slow the interaction down as much as possible. Because as you slow the energy level down to the lowest possible level, you can then lead her. That's why most guys have dancing monkey syndrome, is that they don't immediately tone the energy level down. Or if they do, they don't know where they want to take her.

In fact the lower the energy level you can open at, the more ability to lead you have.

All three of these ideas working together are not the be all to end all in sexual attraction. Attraction is defined as, the action or power of drawing forth a response. Simply put, attraction is drawing an emotion out of a person. I believe that many guys go into pick up with the mind set that attraction means something that is based purely on physical characteristics because that is what we as guys respond to. To get an emotion out of a girl is an important step to the pick up game. In addition we as pua’s need to have a willingness to emote as well.

As you see the picture above, you see this girl as beautiful and your emotional circuitry fires as your reproductive system responds to the visual image. The real question is what about her do we find so attractive. Features such as a symmetrical face, full lips, and low waist-hip ratio, are commonly considered physically attractive when part of a female, because they are thought to indicate physical health and high fertility to a potential mate.

Men select a mate based on their ability to reproduce and women select based on the ability to provide.

As you can see already if attraction is the act of drawing an emotion out of a person then the game is NOT played in attraction, it has to be played somewhere else… like comfort. I am convinced that you cannot be good at something until you understand how that something works. There are rules to becoming proficient with things just like there are rules to the game. To be good at getting attraction you have to understand how it works and why it works that way. Now you understand a little bit about what attraction is and next time lets talk about why it works the way it does and how to put it in your game!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Social Circle.. untapped resource


So I have had the privilege to hang out with some REALLY cool PUAs as of late. I met up with Doc Holliday and its cool cause sometimes in life you meet people that you just know you are going to get along with and believe me Doc is one of them. Doc is really down to earth and our ideas on pick up are really spot on with the philosophy that we live by. I expect some really fun times with Doc as we take Boston to another level!

In addition to all this, I have been expanding the social circle and today that is what I want to talk about for a bit. Social networking outside of pick up is a VERY important concept that most people do not understand. When I was getting involved in my current job I had some friends who were well established in the industry and they would tell me all the time it is not what you know it is who you know. The more people that I met and spent time getting to know the more work offers I would receive.

This relates to pick up on a massive scale that I believe most PUA’s don’t utilize to the fullest extent. Some of the benefits of social circle and social proof are as follows. Imagine never waiting in line at a club because you know the owner, what does that say to the people in line? Well without saying a word it raises your value, he must be special. Let’s take this further and imagine if you will knowing 10-15 people in the club at all times so that when you are with your target you constantly have people coming up to you making YOU look important. What this says to the girl is that I am with the guy that people love and thus in turn he must be special.

Other implications of a strong social circle are many and include but not limited to, VIP party access, free admission to clubs and free drinks, constant social proof, people to hang out with and tons of options to meet other people. It is very important meet owners, promoters and people of importance any time you go out to a venue. If you don’t know who they are ask to speak to them and introduce yourself. Getting to know these people will pay off when you need it to in ways you cannot imagine.

My social circle is something that I have invested tons of time in recently and because of that when I go out to clubs in Boston I do not spend a dime and I have the time of my life! I have tons of people to hang with when I go to the clubs and we watch out for each other. Having this social support system allows you to relax and focus on having fun rather then being a wallflower that SO many guys portray when they go out.

If you want to expand your social circle, I have many tips that can help and I will highlight a few right now.

1) Everyone has a friend who you trust be it a wing or just a buddy. Start with one friend if that is all you have and go out with them!

2) When you go out talk to the bouncers from the start, get to know their names and CALL THEM BY THEIR NAMES. This will start to build report with them and it is respectful as well.

3) Get to know the people who work there. Most of the time they are VERY busy so go early and talk to EVERYONE. Don’t sarge them or run game for the most part, spend some time and make some friends. Once you do this, you will see immediate benefits.

4) Build a social latter from person to person. What this means is work your way up the social network of the club. If you need to start with bouncers start there then meet the coat girl, then the promoters etc etc. Getting to know these people will allow you to befriend them thus giving you value that others will never get.

Always remember that you are the prize here and little things like this go a LONG way. When you go into a club don’t think it is all about sarging, many people make this mistake. If you make friends and allow the night to play itself out you may find that your work in the social game just bought you more girls then you know!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Inner Game and Revelations


I have been working on inner game quite a bit. So comment with some GOOD material for inner game people!! The thing about inner game that I have noticed is that it takes time to develop. You don’t wake up one day packed with inner game and open sets like your Brad Pitt on the Sunset Strip.

Some important lessons that I have learned the hard way in recent days are as follows:

1) When you get buyers remorse its not the end of the world. Give her some space and then open her back up. Build comfort when you are with her again and don’t fuck her but keep a sexual tension there. After that apply the 10 hour rule and bam, your balls deep again. Make sure to keep the sexual tension there and do this by take aways! Making her work to win you over is something that I found works VERY well for buyers remorse. This is kind of delicate because if you crowd her then you are fucked but if you don’t stay visible (metaphorically) you are going to confirm her suspicions of being there for one thing.

2) Control the frame and control the interaction! Girls think about sex … A LOT. The trick is to escalate your frame through routines like role playing and pushing her away as things get heated. Remember the frame is the ultimate meaning in a conversation. If I said to you, “She is coming” it could mean that she is coming over or she is about to orgasm. You would be surprised what you can get away with, with a little frame controlling. Always ask yourself who is controlling the frame right now. In addition to this, make sure to turn this off when you are around friends. So many people cannot separate their pua skills from just people a normal person and that leads to becoming a social robot.

3) Push the limits of your comfortable nature. Some of the best PUA’s in the world say things that make me think they are nuts but their frame control and compliance testing is second to none. You have to push the limits of what you think is socially acceptable to get a reaction that most men will never get. Tyler has his students open sets with, “I like salad” because he knows that it is not what you are saying that gets you laid it is how you are saying it. You HAVE to push your limits and try new things so you know how to properly calibrate what works and what doesn’t.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year, New Me..


So here is the time of year we all make resolutions... Thus here are mine.

1) Be more social – Expand my social circle and meet more people in general.

2) Be more confidant- For me this means work on inner game quite a bit. I want to be the person that I have always felt lives inside of me. Life is to short to waste on trivial matters and this year I will meet people of like mind who want to be more then they were brought up to be.

3) Kiss 25 different girls- This is a person resolution that Weez and I have decided to adopt as a part of our pick up game

4) Grow my game- This means many things to me. First off I want to learn how to socially interact at a very high level by displaying higher value. I want to learn the social interaction that takes place between high value males and attractive females. This resolution also means to me that I must teach others the skills that I am acquiring. I hope to help change people’s lives through the Venusian Arts.

These resolutions are important to the character that I am becoming. Not everyone may agree with the path that I have chosen but for me this is what I have decided I can do to help better people’s lives and my own in the process.



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