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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Last Chance... and news!


There is a lot going on that I will be talking about soon but first thing is first... the Path to Pick Up!!

As you guys have read I have developed this 6 week super charged system to get your game on the right track much like I did when I started this entire transformation. I have gotten tons of responses from people who have shared with me their struggles in game and how they have tried and tired but cannot seem to make any progress. I too remember what it like before the community and the frustration that it brings and I want to give back to the people who really want this and for this reason the Path to Pick Up was created.

Here is the is just an example of what the Path to Pick Up is..

The way we break down each week is by three major categories: Inner Game, Outer Game and Lifestyle. These three foundations supply you with the most crucial elements you will need to master in order to possess the tools to pick up high quality women. Each week you are given assignments that will push your three elements of game more and more. Follow each assignment as listed through the week before continuing on to the next assignment. If you fail an assignment simple start it over.

This is your last chance to get this system for FREE no cost whatsoever attached. I have developed this system based on my personal results in field and countless hours of helping students with their game and now you have the opportunity to have the Path to Pick Up for free.

Email me NOW and tell me you want the Path to Pick Up.

Next week I am going to start a series of interviews and guest posts from people who have changed my game. These are guys who have helped me on numerious occasions and I am sure will super charge your game! It is part of an interview series I call “Giving Value Back.” So check back for that starting next week

Finally, I wanted to tell you all that I have been working on developing new material that I want to share with you all VERY soon. Some of this stuff I have not seen in the community and it has broken new ground for me in my own game as of late.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fundamentals... and major announcement


As many of you know I like to go back to fundamentals from time to time because I truly believe that if you have a strong foundation in game then the other smaller things tend to work themselves out. Let me break down what I consider to be fundamental game.

1) The ability to open and hook a set:

The first building block of game is the ability to successfully open and hook a set. You should be able to approach any set within reason and deliver a successful opener which causes the set to hook. This means that you are not constantly self doubting as to if it will work if she will like you etc.

2) The ability to illicit attraction without the neg:

There comes a point in game where you really don’t need neg’s anymore. When most people start they tend to over use neg theory as a defense against rejection as you progress in game and being to get good you stop using negs and as you become quite good you realize there is no such thing as rejection and you begin to give value rather then take it.

3) The ability to frame and reframe:

You start to understand how a frame works and how to reframe statements to figure out how to pump her buying temperature. The beginning stages of this are a fundamental of pick up and continues on later as you learn more.

There are more fundamentals that I believe are quite basic things like having a 20 minute repeatable stack that you can use from open to number close every time are really important for a foundation.

The reason I am brining this up is because I have completed a guide I call “The Path to Pick-Up.” It is a break down of three major categories of game:

Lifestyle, Inner Game and Outer Game.

It is a 6 week challenge for people who seriously want to improve their game and get this part of their lives under control. I am not selling this project or even giving it away right now what I want to do is slowly post sections of it for your feedback. I want YOU to have the ability to shape this project into something that will change your relationships with women forever!

Again this is NOT for sale.. I am going to give out my e-mail address and if you are interested in learning more about the “Path to Pick Up Challenge” shoot me an e-mail. I will hand pick people to go through this challenge and give some personal advice to.

If you are serious about getting good at this here is your opportunity.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008



I think one of the wisest things I have heard in the pick up community was from Jeffy when he said, “Are you a value giver or a value taker?” That phrase changed my game from being the cocky guy who lowers the value of women to being the guy who makes girls feel wonderful about themselves.

Value is a magnet that drags around our perceptions. If we perceive that our value is less then the hottest girl in a venue then our bodies react to that information. The way to fix these micro level issues is to understand what TRUE value represents. Society tells us that beauty is a direct correlation to value but we know that these things are not true. There are plenty of beautiful women who become addicted to drugs and waste their lives only to die alone and depressed. The other major factor is that beauty is really a common trait when you think about it. Go out to a local club and notice how many beautiful women you will see on a given weekend.

True value has nothing to do with looks or money it has to do with personality. When I approach a girl before I utter a word I really don’t know what her personality is going to be like. Is she going to be fun and playful or shut down and rude. Sure body language will give me an indicator but I don’t know so many things in the approach so who’s to say her value is higher then mine. The fact remains that perception is deception in pick up. What you perceive you create in reality and that is why it is so important to be your best self. Once you get a grasp on the concept that value is a tool in which you can screen potential mates then you will no longer fear beauty but react to it based on other factors.

Finally it is important to understand that men value the physical and women value the emotional. As men we own more gadgets and physical items in which we view as status and value then women. Our emotional connection to our 54’plasma TV is irrelevant because own the item and we feel as though the more items we acquire the more value we have. Women see value in the long term as opposed to the short term. A woman needs an emotional connection over a physical connection, though both are very important. To put it another way, men are turned on like a light switch and women are turned on like a volume knob. Understanding how value works between the sexes can help shape your game into that of being a value giver and making women feel as though they want you in their lives as opposed to the arrogant value taker which is the typical role for any man.



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