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Monday, September 29, 2008

If there were no community...


A few months ago Captain Jack did a blog post called, “What would you do if the community didn’t exist.”

I wanted to put my own spin on this and get a chance to talk about some things that have really opened my eyes to a new world. First here is an excerpt:

Just for a moment, Imagine….

No community. No help whatsoever aside from Barbara DeAngelis and Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus.

No Gurus, No bootcamps, No seminars, No TV shows, No online forums or DVD’s or CD’s. No RSD, Mystery Method, No Speed Seduction….

All of it….Gone.

Imagine a big dupster in your mind and all that stuff going into the dumpster and then the dumpster fades into nothingness.

What do you do?

You are alone with no help.

You still need to meet a sex partner or a girlfriend or lover. Biological urges are the same. But now its just you and girls.

Take this seriously.

What does your heart tell you to do?

Listening to your heart is the key point of interest in this entire topic.

My heart tells me to take action.

My heart tells me that I am more then my appearance

My heart tell me to take a risk and see what happens

My heart tell me to believe

My heart tells me to go

I believe without a doubt that our hearts in a pure context give us the guttural instinct to do the right things. It is emotions that betray us and cause us to misstep. Our emotions can work as a service or a hindrance; it is up to us to decide when to act upon them. So much of this game involves shutting down your emotions and becoming un-reactive which while in principal is excellent to overcome rejection and learn to not take anything personal, if you continue applying this to life you are like Adam Sandler in the movie Click, just going through the motions without reaction. You will fail to make a true connection with people because they will always sense that something is off.

If there was no community, no bootcamps, no TV shows and all of it was gone what would you do? If there was no community, no bootcamps, no TV shows and all of it was gone what would you do? Answer me below in the comments, maybe something you say will help another person out...

Check out the Post Here:

“What would you do if the community didn’t exist.”

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

FEEDBACK: You're turn to sound-off


I have some awesome readers!!!!!

The emails that I get from my readers are utterly amazing. People asking questions and telling stories that have really changed my out look on so many things. I want to share with you some of the feedback I have gotten from Path to Pick Up …. BUT…

First let me say that I want to hear from you guys more! I want to talk to all the people who read this blog because it is not about me trying to get praise by writing things here.. I write in this blog so that I can help give back to you guys.. so EMAIL ME your questions and comments!!

Now on to Path to Pick Up..

Here is just ONE of the many reviews that are pouring in:

Thanks for everything- really. This program has seriously changed my game and guided me on a personal development journey far beyond just seduction. As of now, I'm not where I eventually hope to be regarding pick up- but it takes time and effort. But, along with this I've been reading and focusing a lot as I said on personal development: and this program has been instrumental in helping me out with that. –Daniel

Path to Pick Up has done more then even I could have expected for people. I am currently in the process of editing some of the course and ADDING MORE to the 6 week program. I am giving the entire thing a new face lift and making it more stream line thanks to the feedback from the 7 great students who have helped me out.

Don’t worry… YOU TOO will be able to experience Path to Pick Up in the near future.. but more on that later.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Impossible is nothing..


First off I want to thank EVERYONE who took part in the FIRST edition of PATH TO PICKUP! I am going to share with you some of the stories that have changed people's game forever and I am truly blessed to be able to have a part in it. Path to Pick up is not gone but is going through its next phase as I re-edit the program with feedback from the students.

I also want to share with you that I am going to have a new website coming online soon with tons of free stuff for you guys.

Also on the horizon we are going to shake up the community in a good way by releasing some things that I have worked for a long time on...

I want to get out there and meet my readers!! I want to go to your home towns and meet the liar, puas and people that make up the community. So E-MAIL ME NOW!!

Now lets talk about the impossible..

I propose that impossible is simply a state of mind.

Many people would think that they cannot get away with saying things to girls that are so upfront and in your face. Here are some clips from some interactions, then tell me impossible is nothing..

Mayson: Because right now you are trying not to kiss me even you know you want to.
HBrandomblond: You’re a pimp.
Mayson: What?? You’re a pimp?
HBrandomblond: No.. YOU’RE a pimp
Mayson: Euro pimp? Cool!

Mayson: (on the dance floor opens a 4 set by dancing like a nut, girls giggle)
HBgirl1: hahaha my friend loves your style and wants to meet you
Mayson: I left my ticket counter at home but she can ride for a small price.

Mayson: Did you know that drinking pineapple juice changes the taste of cum
Girls: yah it works
Mayson: (the waitress comes over) Do you have any pineapple juice here?

Mayson: (licking a straw) You wish that was you…
HBSinger: Call me later tonight.

Mayson: Do you speak text?
HBonline: Yes and I do it quite often
Mayson: Wow, slow down I said TEXT not SEX

[01:27] HB: that and sexual innuendos are funny
[01:28] HB: there is never a bad time for them
[01:28] Mayson: I agree it is hard to make most people come to the understanding that sexual innuendo is an art form. I have been well endowed with a large amount of skill in this area as well. Oral skills are over looked as many people will struggle grasping the linguistic skills that roll off my tongue. I am sure you understand this concept because you have taken your lickings in life and have learned from them. Through intimate study one will find that penetrating deep understanding of oral talents can produce a very climatic finish!
[01:29] HB: oh
[01:29] HB: my
[01:29] HB: god
[01:29] HB: i
[01:29] HB: love
[01:29] HB: you!

Impossible is nothing.. Push the limits and the limits will change.




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