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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Highlights of the last couple of weekends


HBHarley *grabs glasses* "Hey wait a second, you're not the same guy that I was talking to that was wearing these? Where did he go?"
Zilchy "Nope. They're my glasses, and I'm a lot fucking sexier than he is."

"Hey guys what do you think about CRAB PEOPLE!"
*Blank scared deer in headlights looks*

Zilchy "Holy shit you're cheating on our table already?"
HBGoblin "I would never cheat on your table oh my god!"
Zilchy "This friendship is never gonna work out if you're this dishonest already."

HBHarley *sprills drink on Maysons jeans*
Mayson "Whoa these jeans are more expensive than anything that you own."
HBHarley "Why would you spend so much money on jeans?"
Mayson "Because I'm fucking worth it that's why"
HBHarley "That's the best response I've ever heard."

Mayson "You know what I hate, people you call friends but you can't really trust. Because they do things that disrespectful."
HBSinger "Yeah I totally know what you mean. You know he was hot but a total asshole. You're hot but you're fucking awesome."

Entropy "You're lucky I've been drinking or I'd totally hit on you."
HBMsNH "Uhh yeah... I'd be so lucky..." *sarcastic and walks away*

Zilchy "Can you just fill the rest of his with pink lemonade? He'll never notice the difference"
*HBMsNH laughing*
Mayson "Yeah we're all pink in the middle."
*awkward silence*

HBEuro *grabs shirt and pulls into her* "I REALLY wanna dance with you"
Zilchy "Yeah, I'm sure you do. I'm really not that easy."
HBEuro "Uhhh I was just talking about dancing. That's all I wanted to do."
Zilchy "That's what I was talking about also, Whoa slow down."

HBHummus *runs up gives a big hug and rests head on neck*
Mayson *stare at her boyfriend* "Wow, does she this with you too?"
Boyfriend "Uhh no, what did you do?"
Mayson *pushes off*
HBHummus "No, because Mayson is sexy."

HBRockstar *whispers in ear* "If we had sex no one would ever find out."
Zilchy "Yes, they would."
HBRockstar "Yeah, because you would tell Mayson."
Zilchy "No, you would be walking with a limp for a week."
Ganglord "We'd see you and be like Zilchy, you didn't have to use a bat."
Zilchy "I can't help it, I was born with it."

recthegr81 *opener* "Hey guys, this is my friend Entropy. He has 7 stds and likes inflatable farm animals."
Set "Uhhh." *back turn and walk away
recthegr81 "Entropy, what could I have done better in that set?"
Entropy "Not use that opener?"

recther81 *opener* "Hi my name is recthegr81, I have 7 stds and I love inflatable farm animals."
HBWhoWasThis "Uhh gross..."
Zilchy "Uhh he makes ballon animals for cancer patients, what the fuck is wrong with you?"

*morning after*
HBTwinkie "You know, you're definitely the strangest guy I've ever been with."
Entropy "I'll take that as a compliment."

Friday, March 21, 2008

New E-mail


Hey guys,
I wanted to give you my new e-mail address and also have you e-mail me ALL your questions and comments about pick up. Also if you e-mail me a question and I feature it on my blog I will give you a 30 min FREE phone consult! I want to take a bunch of great questions that people have and use them to help others like a FAQ section.


Talk to you all soon

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Whats up?????


I am still on a high from the bootcamp and watching students change their lives in ever since of the word. I think a lot of people really don’t understand that pick up has very little to do with sex and so much more to do with being the best person that you can be. This past weekend I watched lives being transformed and to know that you truly are a part of helping a great person become confidant in their skin is a wonderful experience as a teacher.

I will always look back on this boot camp and remember so many amazing people and experiences. I wanted to bullet point some things that I took away from this boot camp from an approach coaches perspective.

  • Change is possible very quickly
  • Bullshit baffles brains in field
  • Kino and grounding work magic
  • What a difference fashion can make on the inner self
  • The power of direct approaches never stops amazing me
  • Winging continues to be an art form
  • Physical looks mean so little it amazes me still
  • Locking in works magic for social proof
  • Cougars love Entropy…
  • Doc has a Apadrayva piercing
  • Reality is only perception
  • Five seconds is enough time to open and make out with her
  • Walk through my students you have to kiss them... its the toll
  • Saffron's game is just sick to watch
  • Tired is only a feeling... it passes

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Progression Part 2: Finding your goal


Exercise 1 was all about identifying your personal inner game sticking points. The next part to this puzzle if taking the time to write down your goals. I want to first talk about goals and why they are important. Goals allow you to focus on a task in which you have markers to see your success. Goals keep us accountable to our actions and reward us with plenty of positive momentum when we achieve them. There are however a couple of rules to goals that I will outline right now.

Exercise #2 Creating the new you.

First off you are going to need to take a good amount of time to do this exercise. The rules are simple, you are going to write down goals for yourself however you must follow these guide lines.

1) Write goal in the positive. This means that you cannot be negative in your goal you must BE POSITIVE.

2) Write complete detail. Take time and really flush out what you mean when you write your goal. The more detailed your goal the better the results will be. This takes time but is well worth it.

3) Write in presence tense. Act as if they are happening right now with phrases like I AM and I CAN. This allows you to own the goal from the start.

4) Rewrite goals. As you achieve milestones in your goals rewrite them and spend time making them precisely what you want.

I want to give you some laws that I live my life by. These have been influenced by my experiences with inner game and have shaped my relativity consistently.

Law #1 You create yourself you don’t find yourself.

There is not magic pill for life and no easy way to learn pick up. You are not on a quest to find yourself you are on a quest to create yourself plain and simple. You choose the behavior or thought, you choose the consequences. If you choose to be better with women through pick up then you will have more beautiful women in your life. If you choose to half ass pick up you will see limited results. If you choose thoughts contaminated with anger and bitterness, then you will create an experience of alienation and hostility.

Law #2 Try, Fail, Try.

You have to fall off your bike before you ride with the best. No one is successful until they fail many times but it is through our failures that we learn what does and doesn’t work. You want to be good at pick up then learn how to take your failures and turn them into lessons. Fully embrace the fact that you are going to fail but it doesn’t make you a failure.

Law #3 Its not about Deception it is about Perception.

Nothing exists only your perception of existence. I tell students all the time that pick up is NOT about deception… It is about perception. If I look, act, smell, fuck and get treated like a rockstar I AM a rockstar. You are what you create you are and the perception of who you are is vital to this game. You have the ability to choose how you perceive any event in your life, and you exercise this power of choice in every circumstance, every day of your life.

Law #4 Passion is more rewarding then Principal.

You have to be passionate about what you are doing. Is pick up a hobby for you or is it a lifestyle? That is the million dollar question for everyone who gets in this community. See a hobby is fun and you do it in your spare time but ultimately you do not devote any serious work to it. A lifestyle is something you embrace that consumes you and drives you to deeper and deeper levels of success. The people who are the best at this game have lifestyles that they have worked very hard on to the point of obsessive behavior. I am not telling you to quit your job but I am telling you to ignore the principal of the game and get passionate about it.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Practical Pick-Up: Special Announcement!


Hey everyone,
I wanted to take a couple of minutes to talk about the Practical Pick-Up Bootcamp coming up March 15-16!! As many of you know I approach coached the last bootcamp and was asked by the instructors to come back for the next one!! You have read my blog and now here is your change to learn from three of the best instructors in the area as well as meet me and have me work with you!!

There is a problem though... YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP NOW THERE IS ONLY ONE SPOT LEFT! This last spot will fill up VERY quickly but I can promise you that if you e-mail practical pick-up right now and tell them you want in you they will see what they can do. Last bootcamp SOLD OUT and this one will as well so you HAVE TO SIGN UP NOW!! Like the other three instructors this is NOT a hobby but a lifestyle and if you are SERIOUS about learning these skills THIS is your first step to mastery! Don't take our word, listen to what the students had to say about the last bootcamp that changed their lives FOREVER.

The best things I can say about this boot camp was that it was fun. It was non-stop. From the minute it started until the minute it ended I was learning something. The instructors are all very genuine people. The Practical Pickup team really wants to help people achieve their personal goals and realize that while pickup is the initial goal that those who commit to the life style end up becoming better people in many aspects of their lives. Books and videos are a great way to get you involved in the community and I was very skeptical of the value of these boot camps but they have turned the world's biggest cynic to a total believer.

Here is what the same student said about yours truly!

He was there as an approach coach. He has done so much for himself with his own inner game that he can help anyone with theirs. He was great at pushing me into sets and even helping me out while in the set. He gave me great feedback in post-set review that I was able to use immediately. He has some crazy mad body language and facial expressions that convey so much with so few words and his energy is second to none.

Now you have the opportunity to see us live as we teach you the skills that will change your life, your ability to attract women and overall help you become a master of social interactions.

Sign Up Now (Saturday, 3/15th and Sunday, 3/16th – want a different date? E-mail us to inquire about 1-on-1s)

The Following is from Practical Pick-Up Instructor SAFFRON. He has helped change lives in the last bootcamp and here is what he had to say about this one.

We hope that each and every one of our students has that "A HA!" moment, and sees how their game really comes together. We teach a very natural type of approach that looks to build off your personal strengths and shows you how to make a person attracted to YOU and not some routine. At the same time, we're comprehensive and we hope to provide you with all the PRACTICAL parts of attraction. We sent out anonymous feedback forms to all of our students and 100% of them stated that they are currently recommending our bootcamp to their friends--no, they didn't reply that they "would likely recommend in the future," but rather that they are currently, going out there on their own accord to tell their friends about us, because they believe that we're fully committed to improving your game. We already had some of the students' friends sign up for our next bootcamp. Jump to the bottom of this post for student testimonials.

We're constantly working on our material and pushing the edge to innovate within the community. No where else will you find a more comprehensive bootcamp focused on teaching all the aspects of practical pick-up. We don't waste your time with evolutionary theory or vague conceptions of female dynamics. We don't serve you bull about "magic pills" to hook every girl you meet in your life. We teach field-tested, student-validated methods for night game, day game, and inner game. We've also grown as teachers and have finessed through all the logistical issues of running a bootcamp. Even though our waiting list is almost full (we stand by a firm number of 6 students, 3 instructors, and 1 approach coach per bootcamp), we still want to open up our bootcamp to the general public, so that we can assemble a strong, diverse group of students.

Sign Up Now (Saturday, 3/15th and Sunday, 3/16th – want a different date? E-mail us to inquire about 1-on-1s)

After all this positive feedback from our students, I sat down with Doc and Entropy and we thought long and hard about our next bootcamp. We're packing in as much value as we can for the 23 hours that we teach in a weekend, and we want to be able to offer it for the best value possible. While RSD and MM charge $2000+, we're only charging $750 for our upcoming bootcamps. Thats less than a third of the industry price for a 20+ hour bootcamp, with a 3:2 student ratio that is unmatched throughout the community. Even though our bootcamp is almost filled and demand is very high, we wanted to make sure that we offered a very reasonable value, because we're committed to seeing our students grow in their game. Our last bootcamp sold out in less than 4 days. Make sure you don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

Check out our competitors:

Mystery Method: $3,000/30 hours = $100/hr *
Real Social Dynamics: $2,000/21 hours = $95.23/hr**
Charisma Arts: $2500/19 hours = $131.57/hr***

PRACTICAL PICKUP: $750/21 hours = $35.71/hr

Sign Up Now (Saturday, 3/15th and Sunday, 3/16th – want a different date? E-mail us to inquire about 1-on-1s)

Here is an overview of what we're offering. 12 hours of seminar time/customized debriefing and 9 hours of in-field approaching:

Day Game:
• Day-Game Based Immediate Attraction Openers
• Deep Soul Comfort Stacks
• Quality Qualifications
• Identity Development
• Immediate & Personalized In-field Feedback & much, much more…
Night Game:
• Night-Game Customized Immediate Attraction Openers
• Dance Floor Game Deconstructed
• Sexualized Eye Contact and Seductive Kino
• Customized Routines
• Comprehensive Cold Reading
• Powerstacking -- Individually-based, Topic-linked stacks
• Immediate & Personalized In-field Feedback & much, much more…
Inner Game:
• Impenetrable Frame Focus
• Shifting Shit Tests
• State Control Secrets
• The Power of Beliefs
• Immediate & Personalized In-field Feedback & much, much more…

Sign Up Now (Saturday, 3/15th and Sunday, 3/16th – want a different date? E-mail us to inquire about 1-on-1s)

Not from Boston? Looking for a different type of bootcamp? We wholeheartedly endorse:

Asian Playboy's ABCofAttraction – BLP-based seduction tactics, Comprehensive "Attract to Fun" Structure, Specialized Ethnic and Minority Coaching.

El Topo's 1-on-1 - Customized Routine Stacks and Grounding Methodology. Advanced Body Language Techniques and Transitioner Development

Sign Up Now (Saturday, 3/15th and Sunday, 3/16th – want a different date? E-mail us to inquire about 1-on-1s)

By taking our bootcamp, we guarantee you access to us as support for the next 3 months into your pickup career. Remember, we are here to build relationships, not clients. We still keep in touch with all of our students from our past bootcamp. We will also be developing more advanced material, which we will make first available to you. Finally we will be able to help you acquire discounts to ABCofAttraction bootcamps and El Topo's services, should you wish to continue your pickup education elsewhere. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now before we're sold out again.


"It was planned out perfectly from planning out topics to be discussed to running sessions in-field. I far exceeded my goals that I had set out for myself during this bootcamp." - recthegr8

"Every infield debrief was awesome, especially when it comes down to: "X is your problem, fix it." Allowing you to keep something concrete in mind for the next set. I think the seminar was very well put together for people that are generally new to the community. The BC's focus on natural personal development made it stand out from many of the other "PUA" materials I've read. The diverse PU styles of the coaches made the BC feel dynamic and multifaceted. In-field coaching was very nice and did wonders for reducing my AA." - Solice

"I will start off by saying that I highly recommend them to anyone looking to really raise their game to another level no matter what level your game is at currently. The Practical Pickup team really wants to help people achieve their personal goals and realize that while pickup is the initial goal that those who commit to the life style end up becoming better people in many aspects of their lives. Books and videos are a great way to get you involved in the community and I was very skeptical of the value of these boot camps but they have turned the world's biggest cynic to a total believer." - Ganglord (full review here:

Sign Up Now (Saturday, 3/15th and Sunday, 3/16th – want a different date? E-mail us to inquire about 1-on-1s)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Progression, Part 2: Points to Ponder


These are not my points but are VERY applicable for Inner Game so don't credit me.

* “I wear my scars like the rings on a pimp”
* Psychological leverage – hitting rock bottom – make decision something has to change.
* Have honesty with yourself. Take a hard look in the mirror.
* Perceptual Filters and Blind Spots
* Find others who walked your path
* You are not alone
* Equilibrium is bad – there is no growth without pain
* We can all help each other
* Growing does not equal growing up
* The Shadow – a bag that we carry
* Identify who you want to be
* You are responsible for your own happiness.
* Stop looking externally
* Be internally centered
* Get Validation from self
* Focus on helping others
* You can’t help others without helping yourself
* King Warrior Magician Lover
* No instant fix
* We are all works in progress
* The self is always coming through
* It is Easy to lie to yourself
* Be your BEST self
* Develop in all areas
* Pickup is a HOBBY
* Come from the right place
* Indifference
* Not give a fuck
* The power of NOW
* Accept NOW
* Present is all we have – Eckhart Tolle
* Think about the guy you want to be
* Live by values
* Congruence
* Doing what you think it right
* Write a list about the guy you want to be
* Abundance mindset
* 3.5 Billion women – you don’t have to get every girl
* Positive environment
* Leap of faith
* Susan Jeffers- what is the worst that can happen
* Thoughts – social programming – can’t change 30 years of programming around overnight
* The brain gets addicted to thoughts
* Success barriers and self destruction
* Fear of success
* Basic Instinct is to do what is comfortable
* Self Image – determines how successful we can be. Lottery winners lose all their money
* Jealousy – weak emotion – ego based
* Who has the girls did the work
* Praise that which you are jealous of
* Be proactive – how can I make the most of this situation
* Embrace quirks
* A thing is only weird if you are ashamed of it
* We live in a permission based society
* Are you ashamed your family knows that you like to fuck chicks
* Give yourself permission to be what you want
* Most important person in a relationship is you
* Responsibility – take it for your life
* Don’t look to other to make it happen
* Take responsibility when wrong
* Game will not fix your problems
* Women are a great barometer for your life. Fucked up women? You are fucked up.
* Sticking points are symptoms of larger problems.
* We attract that which we are.
* You aren’t going to get happier with game – just get laid more.
* The power of healthy competition
* The way of the superior man by David Deida recommended
* Bad friends tell you what’s good about you
* The power of forgiveness
* Forgiving others, gaining power
* Forgive yourself – people are way too hard on themselves
* Be adaptable – shit happens
* Ridding yourself of negative influences
* Be careful what you pick up from other people (influences)
* Have a clear definition of what you want
* Would you hang out with yourself? If not – change
* Make lists – do self help – David DeAngelo on Being a Man
* Apply information
* Figure out what needs work
* Write down the guy you want to be
* How would someone describe you?
* The only thing we can control is our reactions to a situation
* Don’t intentionally hurt people
* Push your boundaries
* Have faith you can do this – little victories
* The only real value is value to others



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