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Monday, December 29, 2008

Thought for the day... An Apple


Just as the apple contains the ability inside of itself to produce more of its kind, humans produce inside of us the ability to be happy and spread the fruits of happiness in others but we first must realize that we posses this ability.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Path is Here...


I am really happy to say that Path to Pick Up is finished! I have worked really hard on this for quite sometime and have been lucky to share it with some of you already.

I want to continue to give away free copies of this over the next 4 weeks so I will be holding some contests for free copies. If you are interested in getting a copy of Path to Pick Up Email me at

Special thanks to the students who helped improve this product to the work that it is today.

Finally, I will be posting some FRs and LRs that I haven't gotten around to typing up based on this "different" style of game that I have been working on.

I want to hear from you guys.. How are you all doing and where are you at?

All the best,

Saturday, December 6, 2008

a night out...


.. Back from a night out

You ALWAYS learn when you go out! Whether you teach or whether you are a student there are always lessons for you to learn and here is a glimpse of the lessons tonight..

-Sometime being social can bite you in the ass when you are trying to isolate a target because everyone wants a bit of your time.

Lesson is… Learn to handle obstacles quickly!

-A woman will forgive you for being a man and being sexual…. There is no forgiveness for not pulling the trigger.


-What separates an AFC from a PUA is method. A PUA has a method to the madness an AFC will simply either not do anything or rely on “luck.”

Lesson…. Plan your logistics!

-Everyone has value…. From the guy asking to shine your shoes to the guy parking your car.. We are all people who dream, hope, aspire and react.

Lesson… Inspire greatness in others.

Finally… Sometimes the right thing to do is not get the girl. A friend who doesn’t know anything about the community got this girl that I was working for a bit. I pumped her BT then got pulled away into another set, I came back and he was making out with her. I stood there for a minute to watch my work vanish in the clash of another’s lips on my target. I knew that could have been me but I was not mad. For that guy who I think is a really good dude btw, it was his highlight of the month a least. I turned around to see PLENTY of girls in the club and knew that it was just a matter of approaching to line up the next. He didn’t have the ability to do that, so for him… This was the big time. I could have walked over and stole her back but why would I do that? I like to think that right now he is somewhere getting his groove on thanks in small part to my game.

Lesson.. In a land full of candy there is no reason to be upset over one misplaced piece.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

field report.. My day 2


I remember when I got into the community I heard someone say that you should trust your instinct. Now looking back over the last year I can understand what they mean.

Recently I had a day 2 with this girl and we decided to meet for coffee at Barnes. I am a big fan of doing something really low key on day 2’s and then venue bouncing to various locations. She was super shy and so anyone who knows me knows that I joke a lot and it really helped her break down some walls. I started my comfort phase and talked about my childhood and talked about the first book that I read. Now normally this is not part of my comfort game to talk about my first book but since we were in Barnes it was logical to. She smiled and thought it was cute and sarcastically said wow, you really miss that book huh, want to go find it? I laughed.. paused for about 2 seconds and said, “hell yah lets go to the kid’s section.”

We made our way there and she found the book. It was cool because I haven’t seen it in YEARS. I looked at the book for a minute with a smile on my face and told her to sit on the floor I am going to read it to you. Her face got red and I sat on a stool and opened the book. As I finished the first page a couple of kids came over and asked if they could listen. I smiled big and said, “sit down next to this pretty girl and listen in.” Her face had the most sincere smile I have ever seen in my life on it.

As I continued reading an old lady came over and asked me if her son could listen as well. I smiled and said sure. The ladies son wondered around a bit and didn’t pay much attention to the story. As the story finished I got up and the lady came over to me and my date. She apologized for her son’s misbehavior. I told her it was not a big deal he is a kid. She said no you don’t understand he has autism and no one ever reads to him so thank you very much you made his day. My dates face dropped and I smiled and said the pleasure was all mine.

I walked off and she stopped me and grabbed my hand. She told me that she was amazed by me and wants to spend a lot more time together…. I think it went good :P

The lesson here is NOT to go lying about your stories in life so you too might get an autistic kid to read to. The lesson is have fun and give value to EVERYONE cause you just might make someone’s day.

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