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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This will change your life.....

You are reading this because you want to get more out of life…

Maybe you are not getting the quality of women you want in your life…. Maybe you are not happy and want more out of life… Maybe you are struggling to get the girl you want. I have great news for you…


Not only do I think we can help, I KNOW we can help you get the girl, get the life you want and sustain happiness that is LASTING. We have helped hundreds of students all across North America build a life of LASTING change. Let us PROVE it to you LIVE!

May 14th-16th at the New Social Systems Dating Mastery Seminar!!

Boston, MA

Learn from New Social Systems instructors Jimmy, Mayson and Doc Holliday live in field! Imagine spending 29+ hours over a weekend working with trained dating, relationship and lifestyle instructors getting instant feedback! We will teach you an in depth system to be able to walk up to any girl and instantly build attraction! You will learn the secrets to LASTING change in your life as well as a system to sustain happiness. We keep our seminars to a limited number of students so that each student will have hours of personal time with the instructors as we go into the field together.

Here is what one of our students said:

“This was a life changing class for me. In stead of “just be me”, the
instructors tried to bring out the best part of me, the part of me I
like to be. In other words, the class taught me how to “be myself.”
This class has provided me a complete picture, from how to
approach girls to dating and relationship management.” – Li

You are probably thinking, “Sounds great but can they really help me?”

I want to prove we can help you! Other companies charge $3,000 dollars for a 25 hour program only to make empty promises.

Why is the NSS Dating Mastery Seminar different and like nothing you have experienced?

Simple… We teach students the skills to become successful in all areas of their life. At New Social Systems we believe that you don’t find yourself, you create yourself. Our coaching programs are tailored to give the most value possible to each and every student who takes our programs. Don’t take our word for it, read what our students have to say!

“The rest went off and Mayson stayed to observe. To my utter surprise (and with the aid of subtle hint from Mayson to end it and get the number) I got her number. Then I opened another set and got her number.” –Greatkisser

“Doc is probably a master at building Comfort. His philosophies on the subject allowed us to see the importance in it, especially when in isolation.” –Chamelon

“Thanks for everything- really. This program has seriously changed my life and guided me on a personal development journey far beyond just seduction.” -Boston

While companies are charging $3000+, so we want to prove that this is a value you cannot pass up. If you sign up NOW you can lock in the price of $795 for this life changing seminar. That’s less than a third of the industry price for a 29+ hour LIVE seminar. Demand is very high; we wanted to make sure that we offered a very reasonable value because we are committed to seeing our students grow in their lives. This WILL sell out so make sure you reserve your spot today!


Here is an overview of what we are offering.

18 hours of seminar time/customized debriefing and 11 hours of LIVE in-field coaching:

Day 1: Friday Night: LIVE In Field Training

8pm Dinner Meet up

-Discuss the venue for the night

- Game 101 Lecture and Q&A

10-2am LIVE In field with Coaches

- Live Training with NSS Coaches

2-3am Debrief

Day 2 Saturday: Teaching & LIVE Training

12-1pm: The Female Mind Explained

- Find out what women are really attracted to

- Learn what turns women on

- The secrets of the female psyche

1-3 pm: Attraction Explained

-How to illicit attraction

-Beginning a Conversation

-Screening for compatibility
-Kino Progression

-Push Pull
-How to Cold Read

3-5 pm: Building a Connection

-How to build a connection

- Building authentic connections with women

- Growing your connection

- How love is formed

5-6 pm Dinner Break

6-8 pm Meeting Girls During the Day

-How to meet girls during the day

-LIVE in class exercises

-How to meet, attract and date girls during the day

8-10 pm Meeting Girls at Night

-How to meet, attract and date girls at night

- LIVE in class exercises with NSS Coaches

- How to build deep connections with women at night

9-10 pm Goal Setting and Demo

-Live in class demonstrations

-Personalized 1 on 1 coaching and goal setting

11pm – 2am LIVE Infield NIGHT Training

-LIVE in field NIGHT Training with NSS Coaches

Day 3 Sunday: Teaching & LIVE Training

12-4pm: LIVE Infield DAY Training

-LIVE in field DAY Training with NSS Coaches

- Fashion Breakdown

5-7 pm: Text Game Phone Game Day 2’s

-Learn how to create fun and exciting dates

- Understand the secrets of building a connection through phone calls

- Learn how to maintain attraction and get deeper relationships

7-9pm: Personalized sticking point analysis and Q&A

- NSS coaches personalized feedback session

- In depth question and answer session

Remember, we are here to build relationships, not clients. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and experience the seminar first hand before it is sold out! This is your life and if you are not getting the results you want here is your chance to change it forever!





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