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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I think a lot of time we fall sway to the “I will be happy when” ideology.

I will be happy when I get what I want. This ideology causes a great deal of suffering because we make an agreement with ourselves that we will not be happy until what we want is here. Happiness is never found in anyone or anything, true happiness is a feeling that comes from inside of you.

One of the major keys to happiness is contentment. You must be content with your life right now or you will never achieve greater things because you’re mind will always be in the future wishing for something that has not yet manifested. Happiness is never found outside of us it is always inside. We like to believe that if we had what we wish for that happiness would soon abound but the fact of the matter is that that temporary joy will fade over time until we find something else that we want.

When we seek happiness from external sources we are chasing a dream that will always remain just out of our hands. As we obtain these external things new dreams are formed and we must chase them or risk suffering. When one derives happiness from inside you will take it with you everywhere you go. No one can take your dream away because it is inside of you and cannot be bought, sold or destroyed.

The next key to finding happiness inside of you is to accept what is. It is what it is in your life right now and you must see your life not as good or bad but you are where you are in life right now to learn as much as you can. No matter what you believe is bad in your life relate it to something MUCH worse and you will see you’re problems could be much worse. Nothing is good or bad, big or small it is all in what you relate it to.

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